The future of the written word in a world dominated by images

These are difficult times for the written word, particularly with regard to brand communication and the new languages adopted by the media, including social networks. In an era dominated by the overwhelming power of visual communication, there is a real risk that the word will take a back seat, as if it were an annoying and cumbersome element, leading to a progressive loss of interest on the part of users who nowadays surf the Internet and social networks.

The decline in interest in the written word is not surprising. Faced with the aesthetic and communicative power of a video or an image, the word has already lost out. The fruition of a content based on visual elements is in fact much simpler, much less demanding than a written text, and will therefore require less time for the user to process it and to move on to the next action, which in the hopes of brands and companies should almost always be a purchase (or at least a concrete demonstration of interest, such as subscribing to the newsletter or liking content published online).

The advantage of brevity

Communication experts have no doubt: social media posts should be short, sparse, and iconic. If they don’t have words, even better. In a society where people read fewer and fewer books, and where reading newspapers has become a luxury for the few, people are systematically getting used to no longer considering the written word as the main means of communication, putting the enjoyment of a film or the pleasantness of a striking image first. We’re even losing the habit of writing text messages with our cell phones, as the possibility of sending voice audio or short video clips seems much more attractive, much simpler and immediate (as if writing a text message involved an unbearable waste of time).

For brands and companies, all this has a very precise meaning: the predominance of visual content over textual content has completely revolutionized their way of communicating, forcing them to hire professionals they didn’t need before. That’s why companies are increasingly hiring people skilled in editing and making movies, or professionally editing photos and images with popular software like Photoshop. The fate of an entire company nowadays is also partly linked to the effectiveness and power of its visual communication, and no longer depends solely on the form and content of a written text. Texts are now used almost exclusively for press releases, newsletters or longer textual content to be sent to magazines or specialized sites.

The future of written communication 

What most companies ignore, however, is that the word is far from dead. Those who know how to use it wisely and intelligently are able to penetrate much more deeply into the consciousness of their audience, sowing traces and impressions that a video or an image would never be able to produce. We are of course referring to storytelling and its use in online communication strategies, including on social networks. A long post, even composed of more than ten lines, is still able to produce stunning effects, especially if it is used to describe the emotional or value aspects of the company, without focusing on the product. In fact, it is necessary to find the ability to identify potential sources for a successful company story, capable of producing a high number of interactions on social networks and, above all, of depositing a deep impression in the reader’s soul, a feeling of pleasantness that is then always transformed into a concrete appreciation. And for insiders, the creation of this kind of post can turn into real fun, a complex and exciting challenge.

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The new languages of communication, if used properly, are able to arouse indescribable emotions, comparable only to those of the most unbridled fun. These are authentic sensations that spring from one of the most hidden recesses of our soul, where our original creativity is located.

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