The Complete Guide to Wearing a Collar Pin

The collar pin is used to enhance the look of your outfit and make you appear polished and extraordinary. So if you are one of those men who do not know about what a collar pin is and how it is worn, then worry not because we have got you covered. Continue reading to find all about collar pins and how you can use them to enhance your look and be stylish and elegant.

What is a collar pin?

A collar pin made in a length of 3 to 5cms is a fashion accessory for men. It is designed to keep the shirt’s collar together. In addition to this, it also raises the tie knot and thus gives an enhanced and elegant look to your necktie.

What are the types of collar pins?

There are three common types of collar pins.

  •         The collar bar, also known as a barbell, consists of two stylish knobs on both sides. These can be screwed off. There also is a straight pin that passes along the holes on each side of the collar. These do not have a sharp end for piercing, so collar bars can only be worn with a shirt that has existing holes in the collars.
  •         Designed like a safety pin, this type either pierce through or passes through already present holes in each side of the collar.
  •         Then there’s a pin with clips on both sides, which hold both ends of the collar. Some have varying designs.

Why wear collar pins?

If you want to look elegant and stylish, then wear a collar pin with your suit. They are stylish fashion accessories that make any man stand out. You can wear these to a business meeting or any other formal event to look neat and presentable. You can find fashion pins collections here.

How to wear collar pins?

Let’s look at how you can wear these stylish pins.

1) Select a shirt with the right collar

The perfect type of shirt is the one with a classic collar like a tab, club, straight, or forward pointing collars. Widespread collars are a big no for collar pins. So try to go for classic or at least semi-spread collars.

2) Tie your tie knot

Next, you need to tie the tie knot. The style of the tie should not be too big or bulky. Try to go for a small knot type. Apart from this, you should avoid using a collar pin with a bow tie.

3) Put on your collar pin

Your collar pin needs to go under the necktie. Pierce or pass your pin through one end of your collar in an already existing hole. Then adjust the tie by moving it a little upwards to move the collar pin through the other end of the second collar. And voila, you are done.


A collar pin is more than just a piece to hold together the two ends of your shirt’s collar. It is also about making a statement. It is a stylish fashion accessory that makes any men look extraordinary and stylish. So to enhance your look and improve your style, you should think about adding collar pins to your wardrobe. Be classy with collar pins on your collars.

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