RuneScape 3 vs. Old School RuneScape

RuneScape is one of the most popular MMORPG games of all-time. Since the release of the first RuneScape version back in 2001, It became a major hit amongst the gamers and everyone started playing the game. The Player-base started to grow exponentially, making it one of the most played MMO title of all time.

RuneScape 3 came over a decade later as a major expansion to the game which included ton of new features but one of the major features that made RuneScape 3 stand out differently than the original title was the new combat system along with other features such as abilities and improved XP system.


The Birth of Old School RuneScape

The new version or update changed a lot of things that the players loved about RuneScape, something that actually made it stand out than the rest of the MMORPG titles out there. Things didn’t work out the way developers expected them to as most of the players outright rejected and stopped playing RuneScape 3, claiming that the older version of the game was way better. The outburst was so massive that it made developers bring back the old version which is what we know as “Old School RuneScape”.

But some of the players actually liked the new version better than the old one, which gave RuneScape 3 a hope for a better future and that is the reason why the developers decided to release Old School as a separate game. Old School RuneScape right after the release became a major hit amongst the MMO gamers and many streamers started streaming the game, drawing in millions of players to the game.

Which One is Better – RS3 vs. OSRS?

Despite being branches of the same tree with similar goals like getting OSRS Gold, both games are significantly different in terms of how a player perceive the game. So, it totally makes sense that both of the games have different player-bases of their own, people who think that the one they are playing is better than the other, it’s totally up to personal preference. 

But let’s go through some of the features that make both of these games different than each other. 



As for the gameplay style, RuneScape 3 is like many other modern MMOs out there which makes it easier for the new players to get into. The combat mechanics, skills and abilities are something that makes it different from the Old School and many people prefer it this way.

On the other hand, OSRS brings back the old mechanics of the original title without any changes in combat system or introducing new abilities like the double XP. And that is the reason why OSRS has a massive player-base, as it stands out than other MMOs out there right now.



One of the main reasons why people prefer to play the Old School RuneScape is because of the large player-base and due to the fact that so many people wanted to get back the old version of RuneScape, most of the RuneScape’s players migrated to the Old School version as soon as it was released.

But RuneScape 3 brings more refreshed content to the game that we see in many MMOs recently and that is why RuneScape 3 still has a large player-base of its own.


Final Thoughts

I hope this helps you make up your mind about which version of RuneScape is the one for you. And in case you decide to go for the Old School RuneScape, check out these cheap OSRS accounts to get started. 

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