Market investors pay more for resilient companies

In case of urgent situations or difficult economic times, most organizations are turning to investors for advanced help. As a matter of fact, resilient and agile businesses are the most preferable to stakeholders. They are more likely to survive a financial crisis. Sometimes, companies tend to fire their employees and this tendency is considered to be harmful to a company in the long run. Such negative corporate performance is evaluated by investors. 

How investors deal with the business reporting

Providing investors with quality reports is an essential part of business partnership. You should take into account what to emphasize in the presentation to satisfy investors in evaluating points:

  • the way company has treated their suppliers and employees;
  • negotiating with supply chain management issues;
  • how the company meets sudden change of requirements.

It is critical to stay updated on the essential current events during fluctuations in the market. That’s why the JKR company is really helpful for managing profitable business approaches and building sustainable strategies. Remaining resilient during challenging times matters if you want to succeed in business progress.

How resilient your business is

You can straightforwardly suggest how resilient your organization has been since the pandemic of Covid 19 following the main steps:

  1. The evolution of sales volumes should be monitored with the metrics. Generally, it’s not the first time when you get into a tricky situation. Challenging times may come rather often, so you have to underscore the strength of your business model. After comparison, you will see that costs are decreasing faster than sales have been falling.
  2. You should be ready to come through the main questions suggesting your company’s improvement: 
    • Have you changed your business portfolio during a crisis?
    • Have you diversified your business financial structure?
    • Have you evolved new methods for market sharing?
  3. Manage your business performance from another point of view announcing to potential investors that you have been still compatible in business marketing. Remaining resilient is more important if you have relevant financial possibilities. 
  4. You will definitely come up with the presentation of your monthly or yearly reports. Pay attention to what you have been emphasizing in the report directly. Meaningful options about how you increase your stakeholders` profit would be significantly appreciated.

What is business resilience management

Business resilience management (BRM) is of vital importance for all businesses that are provided to indicate and identify potential risks that threaten the company. These risks are responsive to:

  • market changes;
  • regulatory compliance requirements;
  • hackers interrupting;
  • consumer demands;
  • the pandemic of Covid 19.

BRM deals directly with business resilience applying to quick reaction on disruptions, purchasing financial workflows, maintaining brand reputation, company’s reliability, and making employees secure. To be ready to overcome challenging times and stay compatible in the market, BRM is realized via the structural points:

  1. Get started with risk management. Creating control to manage potential risks and planning alternative resources is organized with advanced continuity management.
  2. Achieve business resilience planning. This includes a comprehensive approach to adapt your business capabilities to market changes. Specific training and skills development is involved in planning as well.
  3. Ensure corporation flexibility. Employees can perform independently if they are trained to be resilient.
  4. Suggest appointing a business resilience manager. A dedicated business manager is important, regardless of the nature of business and size of a company, because the disruption could be fatal to the business.


Managing well-detailed agreements with supplier providers can help a company to stay resilient during fluctuations in the business market. Having alternative resources can minimize the risks of losing potential investors. Therefore, you should take into consideration the employee-centric approaches and viable strategies that will give your business a competitive benefit. Maintain quality leadership as the background of good sustainability credentials!

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