How to Create a Plant-Loving Home

Have you ever found yourself green with envy of someone’s plant collection? You walk into their house and it’s bursting with life. Creating a jungle or garden in your home can certainly be challenging. There are so many things you’ve got to think about: from temperatures and lighting to seasonal species, and when to water them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed as to where to start, have a read and get your green thumb going.

The Right Environment

Before you start selecting succlents or fawning over flowers, you’ll want to assess your space. You need to ask yourself a few simple questions: how warm does it get? Is there natural sunlight? Different plants require different amounts of direct sun and heat, so try and select the right plant for the area you wish to display it. You also should see if the plants have room to grow and whether it’s an easy spot for you to water. They need to flourish in the place you’ve given them.

Picking the Plants

Every plant has different needs, and some can be a lot more high-maintenance than others. If you’re just starting your plant journey, it’s a good idea to ease yourself in. No, it’s not just cacti. There are several house plants out there that are nearly impossible to kill. You can see how you go with the basics and go from there. Even just a couple of plants can make a big statement in a room.

Use the Room

Once you’ve got past the practactilies of plants, you can start thinking about how you want to decorate your place with them. Do you wish to display the in the kitchen bathroom or lounge, or perhaps all three? Plants are easy additions to the décor, placing one in the gap between the floor lamp and the bookcase for example or maybe on the side table which looks rather bare. If you’re thinking you don’t have the space for that many, have you thought about building up? Not only does this allow you much more green, but it will also look great. You could also go out – a windowsill can become its own miniature garden. Get creative and have fun with it – you can play with the display.

Be Unique  

The more your gardening skills grow the more plants you’ll want, and the more ambitious you can get. Once you’re feeling more confident with your green thumb, you can get daring with your plants. You could use your plants to show off your personality. Love cooking? Add some fresh herbs into the kitchen. All about style? Look through house magazines to see what’s in right now. Artistic? You could make ceramics for your plants. You can get wild with greenery and show yourself off in the process.

Having plants in your house gives a new lease of life to any room, and you can bring some beauty from the outside indoors. Plus you can get creative. Do you have any tips on adding plants to your house?

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