How and why Gamban is used

Gambling is an enjoyable pastime if you treat it responsibly and within your means. If you find it difficult to keep your options and money used for gambling, there are some programmes that allow you to stop or block gambling. One such service is Gamban, an app that prevents online betting on all your connected gadgets.

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What is Gamban?

Gamban is an application/program that you may download and install on your mobile and/or desktop computer. Sounds scary or difficult? It is not, you will find it in the AppStore or Google Play, and it is easy and safe to install it on your devices. Installation takes about a minute.

The idea behind GamBan is to block your way to gambling sites. When you have placed it on your machine and tried to enter a website related to betting; you will only see this image:


How does Gamban act?

As Gamban shows, it will completely block your way to betting sites. It is a downloadable application that you will require to download on all of your tools; telephone, tablet, laptop, etc., which will later block any gambling. This entire method is straightforward with the on-screen guidance given by the application.

In some circumstances, way to a site or application may be desirable, but transactional functions will be prevented, so you will still not be able to play. Gamban additionally blocks access to each type of online gambling, i.e. skins, esports, bookmakers, cryptocurrencies, and selling sites.


What is the distinction within Gamban and GamStop?

Unlike GamStop, that is a self-exclusion plan created to reduce your gambling way on all UK authorized websites, Gamban blocks machine way to many gaming websites and applications. This indicates you won’t still be able to place your online casino or betting site while GamStop is blocking your purchase.


Why Gamban?

Now you know how Gamban works, but why would you use it? Firstly, apart from preventing gaming sites, Gamban does not stop with the usage of your gadget. It serves as a full blocking of any game content.

But it costs cash. Therefore, you might be wondering why you should use Gamban and GamStop. Gamban suggests its services to others because “there is no ideal resolution plus we must all place as various restrictions as possible among us and the gambling site.”

We advise examining various of the other services free before paying for a service to block your way to gambling sites. Certain other benefits involve blocking gambling deals straight with your bank, GamStop, and self-exclusion from selected online casinos including betting sites.


What does Gamban cover?

Gamban aims to cover all gambling sites. The system works in two ways: manually added sites and an automatic system for crawling website content. For example, if the URL contains the words “Casino”, “Betting”, “Gambling”, it is likely that the site will be automatically blocked on your gadget.

Does GamBan cover casino apps? Yes, somehow they managed to block gambling-related apps on iPhones and Android phones. We have no exact details, but we believe they do this by blocking the connection between your phone and the IP address of the gambling site. However, the Gamban team needs to be on the lookout because online casinos often change their IP addresses. According to the owners of Gamban, this is an ongoing war in which Gamban is still winning.


Can it protect me from emails / SMS?

Gamban cannot block gambling-related emails and text messages as they do not want to violate people’s privacy too much. (Think of house-elves …) For the same purpose, they don’t block gambling ads on regular sites. If you need to block these ads, we advise that you install something like Adblocker in your browser.

However, in this Gamban review, we want to show you how you can protect yourself from emails and text messages. We believe it is very important to minimize the influence of any factors affecting gambling. Therefore, we recommend the following things:

  • Change your email address. If you’ve ever used it to register anywhere, chances are it was sold to someone trying to promote online gambling.
  • Change your mobile phone number. We know this is inconvenient but still worth the effort. Just talk to your operator and they will help you switch to a “clean” number. If you have used it anywhere on the network, the risk that the wrong person will have access to it is too great.

Betfiler is another Gamban alternative. The license costs about $ 70 per year.


What’s next?

No matter where you are on your quit gambling journey, we want to be there for you. If you are going to give up playing, we recommend asking yourself the following issues. What does gambling mean to you? What happens when you play? Does this create a moment of peace? A period when nothing else matters? Perhaps the answers can explain why it is so difficult to quit smoking.


We help you quit gambling

We recommend you:

  1. Subscribe to any program, if available where you live.
  2. Download and connect GamBan on all gadgets you have access to.
  3. Take the happiness test and start your journey to quitting gambling. Limiting your exposure to triggers is a good start. To get rid of your gambling cravings, you need to understand why you feel like gambling at all and work on it.
  4. Change email address.
  5. Change mobile number.
  6. Switch to ad-free channels or streaming gambling services.

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