Gambling Sites Not on GamStop – Risky or Liberating?

These days, you have an endless amount of casino sites to choose from. For many years, UK players would have only focused on those sites which were licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). However, people are now realizing the great benefits that that can be had when you explore non-UK options. 

These platforms are often stacked with a lot more games, have fewer restrictions on game features and bet sizes, as well as providing you with a lot more payment options. This article will take you through the extensive freedom that is associated with casinos not on GamStop. 


How does GamStop Work? 

Responsible gambling is a hot topic these days and for good reason. If a player loses control of their gambling, it can have disastrous consequences on their lives. With gambling never having been so accessible before, the UKGC is trying to restrict the sector as much as possible to protect problem gamblers. 

However, these limits can often negatively impact the playing experience for the vast majority of gamblers who do not have any issue controlling their wagering. Some of the limits now in place include a ban on using credit cards, strict stake sizes, and banning game certain game features.

GamStop is a non-profit organization that works alongside the UKGC to help deliver upon its goals of protecting gamblers. GamStop offers a self-exclusion scheme for six months, one year, and five years. This allows people to block themselves from every UKGC-licensed gambling site in one go. Once you are committed to GamStop self-exclusion, you will have to deal with the block until the time finally elapses, as there is no way to get out of it early. 


How Sites Not on GamStop are Regulated 

One of the main questions that people ask when they are learning about gambling sites not on GamStop is how are they regulated. Some people presume that they do not adhere to any rules and regulations. However, this is not the case for the most part. Nearly every major non-UK casino will hold a license from some authority, whether it is in Malta, Curaçao, or Cyprus. 

These platforms will also make sure that they have extensive security measures in place to protect players. This includes top-tier encryption to protect sensitive data. They also make sure that games have been tested in an independent manner to showcase their fairness. Finally, non-GamStop casinos will often have a range of responsible gambling tools, including deposit limits, cool-off periods, and their own self-exclusion schemes. 


Are Casinos not on GamStop legal to play at? 

You have no issues as a UK player when it comes to using non-UK gambling sites. It is completely legal for you to use whatever gambling site that you want to use. If a gambling site runs into some issue with the authorities, the players will not feel the brunt of this issue. Any penalties or regulatory actions will be levied on the operator itself.

Players are usually insulated in these cases as most operators will keep the player funds segregated in separate bank accounts for the platform’s operational funds. Therefore, creditors will often not be able to go after player funds if they are trying to recoup the money. 


What to Expect at Non-UK Casinos 

If you are not familiar with what to expect when it comes to non-UK casinos, then you might get a surprise when you first log into your new account. In general, you have more freedom across the board. Game libraries are filled with thousands of games from dozens of developers. 

While a couple of big-name developers won’t provide titles to non-GamStop sites, the bulk of them do. You also get access to innovative titles from exciting new studios on the scene. The games themselves are not curtailed by game feature bans and slower spin speeds like those in the UK. Bet sizes are usually a lot greater and you have access to many unique promotions that have better wagering requirements. 

For making transactions, credit cards are an option, as well as cryptocurrencies now being a very popular option on these sites. Finally, you will also usually have to deal with a lot less red tape when playing. Fewer verification checks are usually needed, allowing you to focus on the playing experience more than anything else. 


GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop 

If you are on the fence about what type of casino sites you are going to use, then it can be a useful exercise to compare the pros and cons of each option. Here is a look at the main pros and cons of these two categories of casinos: 

GamStop Casinos 


  • UKGC is a greatly respected gambling regulator
  • Plenty of consumer protection in place
  • Option for problem gamblers to self-exclude through GamStop
  • GBP always an option
  • Leading game studios provide games 


  • Bans on certain game features and credit cards
  • Strict limits on bet sizes

Non-GamStop Casinos 


  • Massive game libraries with games from countless studios
  • Offers credit card transactions
  • No strict limits on bet sizes or game features
  • Bonus offers are often bigger and easier to cash out
  • Often licensed by a respected regulator


  • Allow gamblers to avoid GamStop self-exclusion
  • Not all operators are legit



The freedom that you can get through non-GamStop casinos is clear for everyone to see. You do not have to deal with low bet sizes, boring game libraries, or limited transaction options. However, GamStop casinos do have their benefits as being extremely safe environments for UK players.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. For those players looking to maximize their enjoyment levels, then you can’t go wrong with non-GamStop gambling sites.

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