4 Great Phone Apps For People With Mobility Issues

If you are one of the many people with mobility issues in the UK, you’ll know that getting round in your everyday life can be complicated, difficult and downright frustrating. We all know the UK needs to do far more to improve disabled access; but in the meantime, there are some great apps for smartphones which can help. They might not make the problems go away, but they can make tackling them a little easier. Here are 4 of the best ones.




Finding assistance refueling cars can make any sort of journey stressful. This clever and helpful app helps disabled drivers find petrol stations with attendants who will refuel your car. Drivers can use the app to search for petrol stations on their route, the app then contacts the outlet to ask if they can help. Drivers can then tell pump attendants they’re on their way, and the app notifies them when the driver arrives. The app even tells the driver how many minutes they will wait before being served. It also has a ratings section where you can see which stations provide great service and of course, you can also leave your own reviews.




TripTripHurray is an app designed to make planning and booking a holiday far easier for people with mobility issues. Essentially, it is a brilliantly helpful and targeted TripAdvisor-style platform, where disabled people can find information on which hotels, restaurants, venues and transport offer the best access. You can customise the search to your individual requirements, allowing you to plan ahead with no anxiety, and concentrate on enjoying yourself on a wonderful holiday.




Finding parking spaces and public toilets can be a tricky job for anyone in the UK; the situation is far harder for those who need disabled access. WheelMate is an innovative and useful free app that helps people find the most accessible spaces and restrooms. The information on the app is all provided by users with disabilities who add, verify and rate every single location, so you’ll know which amenities are good and which should be avoided. You can also add your own ratings too. It can also be used outside the UK – more than 35,000 locations across 45 countries are mapped.




This free app maps and locates accessible places all around the world – hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, shops and so much more. Wherever you are or wherever you plan to go, you can look up places and view how accessible they are, see pictures and read ratings and reviews. Like WheelMate, it’s user-powered, so all the information on there is supplied by people with physical disabilities. You can also add your own images and reviews to help others. It is available in over 30 languages and there are even in-app communities where events are organised for users to contact and meet each other.


Final Thoughts


There are many types of mobility issues and they can all make life difficult. All the above apps can help make everyday life easier. Phone technology is improving all the time, and that’s true for the apps, the smartphones they’re found on and the home broadband and WiFi we need to get the best from them. Make sure you’ve got the best fibre-optic broadband deal by heading online.

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