Equipment and Accessories Every Archer Needs

More and more people around the world are addicted to archery. For many of them, archery becomes a lifestyle in which accuracy is an art.

Today archery isn’t just bows and arrows, and this becomes clear if you look at athletes or hunters, their bows and arrows, as well as archery accessories, can surprise you.

One of the most significant changes in the culture of archery is the invention of the compound bow that was first developed in 1966 by Holless Wilbur Allen in the US.

The main difference in contraction between a recurve bow and a compound bow is that a compound bow uses a levering system to bend the limbs. The use of this system of levers (cables and pulleys) made shooting more energy-efficient, accurate and increased the speed and range of the arrow. These benefits have made the compound bow incredibly popular. These benefits have made the compound bow incredibly popular among hunters and athletes.

In sports archery, the number of compound bow shooters sooner or later will be equal to the number of classic bow archers. Perhaps in the next decade, compound bow shooting will become an Olympic discipline.

In archery, not only the bow construction has been upgraded, but other archery accessories have been upgraded too, and new ones appeared.

This mainly happened when manufacturers of sports equipment and accessories and other businesses became interested in the archery market. They also became the main driving force that popularizes this shooting art.

Devices like bow release and accessories like thumb ring, finger guard protectors, archery gloves are becoming necessary, especially when it comes to professional archery. Using any type of bow release helps to fire arrows more accurately.

The bowstring is often fixed not directly to the shoulders of the bow but through the bowstring holder. Bowstring holder allows increasing the life of the bowstring.

The use of various scopes in archery has become very popular. The use of scopes is largely made possible by the modern construction of bows.

Archers have come up with a number of devices to facilitate shooting. One of them is an archery wrist sling. This accessory helps completely relax the grip of the archer.

To pull arrows effortlessly out of any target helps the arrows puller. This archery equipment is designed for maximum grip, minimizing the strength needed to remove arrows from targets.

Most archers pay special attention to protecting their bodies. There is a high probability that eyes, arms, and chest can be suffered from the bowstring, especially if it bursts. Therefore, on archers you can often see goggles, often they are also polarized, as well as chest and forearms protectors.

Archers are also very good at handling and storing their bows. The arrows are stored and transported in modernized quivers, and there are many types of bow cases: cases for compound bows and for recurve, bow cases for travel by air, train, boat or car.

Technology and innovation have made archery incredibly accurate and more fun. And people love that.

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