After earning bitcoin, the very first question to come to your mind is how to use it? Well, worry no more, for here are the various ways to use your bitcoins.

Online Purchases

The first way to use bitcoin is through online purchases. Since a lot of stores are having their online platforms, using bitcoin as a form of payment is valid. Also, there are lots of successful companies that accept bitcoin as payment, such as TigerDirect, Newegg, Microsoft, and a lot more. As of now, ecommerce sites that accept bitcoin as payment are rare to find but the visible fact having huge companies allowing bitcoin as payment is already a positive sign of making it happen.

Also, there are several ecommerce platforms that are designed to accept only bitcoins and other cryptocurrency for payments. Currently, we have OpenBazaar as the biggest marketplace that is peer-to-peer and allows local shopping of beverages and food from the different sides of the world, as well as digital goods and arts. Another thing, the platforms take precautions to keep a secured and safe transaction using an escrow service for both user reviews and payment.

Buy Gift Cards

The next thing to do is buying gift cards using your bitcoins.

Imagine that you went to Best Buy, and there you saw your dream headphones; however, you’re broke yet have access to bitcoin. However, Best Buy does not accept bitcoin for payment. Well, this is where the magic happens. You only need to use the Gyft mobile app as a platform to turn your bitcoins into gift cards. In this way, you can now purchase your dream pair of headphones. To know more about bitcoins you can visit

Also, there are retail stores that allow shoppers to use bitcoins as an exchange for gift cards. Sites such as eGifter are only one of the websites that allow users to buy gift cards sourced out from different sites using bitcoins. Here, bitcoins are allowed to be spent like its cash.


Another way to use bitcoin is by using it for your dream travels. If you are a certified traveler at heart, this is the best opportunity to add more travel memories in your life since there are many options for bitcoin payments made just for you.

For example, you are looking for a flight. You can use the airBaltic. This is a Latvian airline that accepts bitcoin since 2014 as payment. This airline offers over 70 worldwide destinations that you can enjoy only with your bitcoins.

In terms of accommodation, you can rely on Travala, which is a company that accepts bitcoin as payment for hotels, apartments, and homes to use while you travel around the world. This can be in Bali or Rome. Here, you are offered over 500,000 properties in 210 countries, so you can never stop yourself from traveling.

Get Debit Cards

Nest on the list is getting a debit card with bitcoins. While bitcoin is continuously gaining popularity, a lot of innovative and new financial products were developed to provide easy and effective ways to spend bitcoins. One of these is allowing bitcoins to be used to get debit cards and spend them anywhere. With this, you can be wherever you want, buy whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and so many more as long as it is within your balance.

Furthermore, Cash App is a Visa debit card option that allows you to send bitcoins, earn discounts, and buy and sell bitcoins directly on it.

Pay Internet, Phone, and Cable Bills

Lastly, you can now pay for your internet, phone, and cable bills using your bitcoins. Service providers are also accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment nowadays, and it promotes both efficiency and effectiveness.

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