5 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Needs to Protect Themselves

Becoming a freelancer is exciting. You get to enjoy the flexibility and the joy of calling your own shots.

Whether you are freelancing to build up your resume and land your dream job or you simply want to be your own boss, freelancing is a great way to be gainfully employed and utilise your skills.

Like small businesses, freelancers need to protect themselves. Freelancers need to have business insurance, too. Here are five reasons why you need to protect yourself as a freelancer:

1. To protect your equipment or property

Depending on the type of freelancing work you do, you need equipment to carry out your work. A freelance designer or photographer, for example, needs a camera and computer.

But in the event that the camera or computer gets damaged or stolen, what happens then?

Without insurance, you are looking at a big dent in your pocket. But with the right coverage, you can replace your damaged or stolen equipment straight away without worrying about your finances. And, carrying commercial property insurance ensures your work tools and equipment are protected.

2. To protect your finances

When you were an employee, you knew that you would always be paid by your employers regardless of market conditions. Your employers are obligated to pay you even when the business is not pulling in enough revenue.

But when you are working for yourself as a freelancer, it’s a different game – income is not guaranteed. No business, no pay. And, you must still pay your bills. You run the risk of your expenses exceeding your income. It’s scary.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Including personal accident insurance to your freelance work cover can help you out with your expenses.

3. To defend against claims

Clients or anyone for that matter can sue you as a freelancer. Even if you settle out of court, the claim could set you back several thousands of pounds in legal fees.

In situations like these, professional liability insurance can be your saviour. The insurance coverage will take care of the costs of defending yourself and your business as well as paying for any settlement.

4. To protect yourself

One of the disadvantages of freelancing is if you stop working, your income automatically stops. That means that if you get injured or sick, you might not be able to work for a long time. Your income will suffer as a result of your inability to work.

A special type of insurance known as disability insurance was designed for such incidents. With the coverage in place, you don’t have to worry about your income because it will provide regular payments if you can’t carry out your freelance work because of injury, ill-health, and other reasons.

5. To have peace of mind

Peace of mind is when you work without ever having to worry about what would be your lot if you experience any misfortune.

Insurance cover empowers you to stay focused on your freelance work and not on the bad things that could happen to you.


As a freelancer, protecting yourself is essential to your success and peace of mind. The earlier you get started, the better.

By starting early, you secure your future and ensure that when the bad days eventually come, you have what to grasp on.

There are also some shocking freelance statistics that show just how many people are freelancing without proper insurance and cover. It’s never too late to future-proof your business.

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