5 mistakes when carpet cleaning

Carpeting cleaning is an art form, if you know enough about it, the way stains and fibers interact and the most effective way of removing them from said fibers. Today the professionals from over at EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk will teach us more about the mistakes that they most often see when visiting for home carpet cleaning.

These are important things that’ be best to avoid

There are several commonly seen mistakes that happen due to lack of experience, knowledge or simply because you did not know that they were mistakes – here’s what the professionals see that you miss when cleaning by yourself at home.

  • Leaving the stain to dry

If you leave a stain to dry it will be a lot harder to remove it from the fibers of the carpet, because its crystal structure is a lot more solid and a lot more difficult to extract quickly. While dry stains are not always that difficult to deal with, it’s always wise to act quickly to make it easier on your future self.

If the stain is with a greasy base, then removing it quickly will prevent from further grime attaching onto the grease. It will also prevent discoloration and further reduce the need for harsh chemicals and other substances which could further harm the otherwise pristine nature of your carpets.

  • Not using the right cleaning supplies

When it comes to carpet cleaning in London, there are a lot of choices, however, those choices are specifically made for particular types of stains. Sticky, sugar-filled stains like chocolate, ice scream, jam, honey or other types require some sort of heat source, which will lead to the use of steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

  • Degreasing a dry stain

When dealing with a dry stain which has some sort of greasy component in it, it’s vital to consider the type of fibers the carpet is made out of. Natural fibers will soak up grease quite easily which makes it difficult to really clean, whereas synthetic fibers are a lot easier to work with.

In these cases it’s possible to use heat and the right detergent meant for heat treatments because other products might become toxic when high temperatures are applied to them.

  • Not vacuuming before cleaning

When cleaning a particular stain or a spill of any sort, it’s always important to clean the surface of the carpet with a vacuum as to remove any debris from its base. Any sort of dust or grime will lessen the effectiveness of the stain removal detergents you will be using, so dealing with them is vital.

  • Forgetting to rinse soapy surfaces

Forgetting to rinse soapy surfaces is another great mistake, mainly because they attract dirt, requiring you to clean more often. Rinsing the stained area when cleaned with a soapy substance, will save you overall time and leave your carpets protected from dirt for a short amount of time.

The fat in soap attracts and binds dirt into the fibers of carpet, while non-soapy substances may evaporate and not require any sort of rinsing. The best way of dealing with all of these mistakes is by calling and using the professional help of cleaning companies like EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk.

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