5 Digital Notepads that are better than ordinary pen & paper

Most of the people are already known about notepads and why these are important but we are going to explore a different side of notepads and that is “digital notepads”.

First of all, it is very important to make you clear that why we select digital notepads to review, or are these notepads are really helpful?

Since I was a student of grade 2nd, I am hearing as well as using notepads but the difference is those notepads were made of paper and I always needed a pencil to write on it.

But as we have stepped into the modern age where we have everything digital and that’s why the developers designed the digital notepads which are hundred times beneficial than ordinary.

And it is not wrong to say that having a factor of “digitalize” is not enough, we have to consider some of the extremely important factors.

We are going to share the important factors of digital notepads and we have also shortlisted some of the best digital notepads.

But first of all, we are going to discuss why is it important to move towards digital notepads and ignore the ordinary pen and paper.

How digital notepads are related to the environment?

As we all know that papers are the bi-products of trees and we need to cut the trees to prepare pages for use.

And it is quite obvious that cutting down the trees can extremely harmful for the environment and that’s why it is compulsory to move towards the digital notepads.

Not only climatic change, using online or digital notepads can save your costs like all you need is a device and an active internet connection.

And the good thing is, some of the digital notepads are providing their offline versions and that can be a good option and then you don’t even need an internet connection.

So, let’s have a look at the best digital notepads that we have shortlisted and these notepads are shortlisted in the light of experts’ recommendations and our personal use.

Top 5 digital notepads

There are many digital notepads that are considered the best but some can easily be differentiated by the advanced features.

All these five best digital notepads are discussed below.

1.    Onlinenotepad.io

It is quite obvious that you don’t need to write the content only but it is needed to edit that content by increasing or decreasing the font size, making the text bold or italic, and many more.

And onlinenotepad.io offers all the basic operations that are important when you are writing any text.

You can simply write any text in the specified field or you can also upload a file from your laptop, and the third option is to copy-paste the text.

There is an option that is named as clone and it is designed to open a new note, you don’t need to start from the beginning again, all you need is to press the clone option.

We can also add pictures by using this online notepad so, getting this tool and using it is a good option especially for bloggers and students as well.

2.    Editpad.org

If your preference is to go for a notepad that needs no installation and is readily available then you can go for Editpad.org.

Starting with the basic features, as soon as you get into this tool, you need to click on the new note and you will head to the blank page.

And you can use this blank page to write your content on it but it is only designed to write text and you cannot edit it like you cannot increase or decrease the font size.

But there are some noticeable features that an offline or a conventional notepad are not offering and these are, grammar checker and plagiarism checker.

It is quite obvious that you need to make your content grammatically error-free and plagiarism-free so, you can do it by using this tool.

The good thing about this tool is, it is completely free and there is no paid version and you don’t have to pay for anything.

3.    Onlinetexteditor.net

Writing your thoughts can be very easy if you have the best notepad and the best notepad can be defined as the easiest one.

Same as the previously discussed tool, this tool also has the same working and same commands like you need to click on “create new text note” and you’ll see the blank page.

And this blank page is specifically designed to write the text but you cannot use the basic operations that are used to edit text like bold, italic, underline, bullets, and all others.

All you can do is, download the content which you have written on this blank page and then you can use this file anywhere.

The second thing that can make this tool easy to use is, you can directly upload a file from your device and you don’t need to copy-paste the content.

4.    Rapidtables

As we have mentioned many times that free tools are a good option as long as they fulfill your requirements.

And if your preference is the same then you can use Rapidtables for writing your content and edit it as this tool provides the facility of basic editing operations.

There is no need for installation like you can directly write your content and edit it using this tool and then you can simply download your content.

5.    Anotepad

Most people are addicted to using emojis in their content but all of notepads are not providing this facility.

But Anotepad is offering this facility of using emojis in the content while providing all the basic editing functions.

After writing your content, you can save it in the cloud and you can use it for later use.


As we have mentioned above that many notepads are available on the internet but we have to pick one that can meet our needs.

And that’s why we have shortlisted the 5 bests for you so, you can save your time while picking up any of them as they all are best in use.

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