Why Blogging is Important For Online Marketers

Are you aware of what “digital marketing” is? Well, if you have just recently started your online marketing campaign, you must already be quite familiar with this phrase. In fact, you may have heard it several times, but you may not really understand it. Digital marketing is just another way of saying “online marketing.”


What Exactly Is A Blog In Terms Of Digital Marketing?

These are blogs that focus on a particular subject. For example, a fitness blog will be a type of digital marketing blog that helps you (as the reader) learn about fitness and health. These are blogs that, for the most part, are not focused on advertising, and many are not updated very often. Digital marketing encompasses many different methods of content creation, including video content and even audio content (podcasting). However, while it may be easy to attract viewers or even to buy Spotify followers in order to attract listeners, getting a loyal readership is more difficult.

Blogs fall into two general categories: blog posts and hubpages. A blog post is a written article that is meant to be read and informative. Hubpages are web pages where a large number of blog posts are put together in a single page. Most marketers use both hubpages and blog posts when they are planning to do an inbound marketing campaign. Here is a quick breakdown of how each one works.

  • Hubpages – If you plan to build an inbound marketing campaign around hubpages, you need to consider two things. The first thing is that the webpages should be relevant to your business’ industry. For instance, if you are a fitness company, you should not have a hubpage that is in the dating or social networking industry.
    In addition, niche hubs do not offer advertisers any real information that they can use, such as statistics or case studies. However, there are some marketers who have developed niche hubs simply to provide themselves with a forum to chat about their favorite post. These marketers tend to be experts on their topic and generally offer tips and techniques that marketers can use. In addition, inbound marketing usually takes place in these kinds of forums, so marketers can learn from other marketers who are successful.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – The most popular form of SMM involves using social media sites to build an audience for your business. The most popular social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These sites are the perfect vehicle for you to reach out to your audience because you can interact with them on a more personal level. SMM is usually conducted through blogs, videos, and podcasts. In addition, social media marketing requires that you create a blog that talks about your products or services in a personal way.
    Getting inside adwords blog up and running is fairly easy. First, you need to find a product or service that you would like to advertise on your blog. Next, you need to sign up for an adwords account. After signing up, you can now manage your blog. You will now be able to add new posts, change the look of your blog, and even integrate a Google AdWords campaign.

Inside AdWords is a great way to market through blogs. A blog is an ideal platform for you to communicate with your audience because it’s more personal. Furthermore, a blog allows you to give away freebies to your readers. For instance, if you conduct an online survey, you can post the URL of your survey in your blog’s home page. This way, your readers can visit your blog and receive your free gift, thus marketing your company to them through a simple process.

There are also a lot of multi-author blogs that provide an opportunity for internet marketers to leverage their traffic. These blogs have many authors but lack a central location. Multi-author blogs provide an online marketing venue that allows people to post content on multiple categories; hence, allowing advertisers to target a specific audience through multiple websites.



Online marketing blogs provide marketers with a platform to show off their skills and inform the public. For example, if you run a plumbing business, you can showcase some of your best works by posting on plumbing blogs. Likewise, you can create marketing blogs that contain information on marketing your business. Such marketing blogs can help you sell your products and services to a greater audience.

Overall, blogs provide the perfect platform for an online entrepreneur to let the world know about his latest achievement. If you want to get started with creating your first blog, search for “blogging” on Google. You will find a number of free blogging sites on which you can host your blog. With a good web hosting company, you can even get an inbound marketing blog with a single-click.

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