What You Should Know About MotoGP in 2020

You may consider yourself a sports fan if you enjoy watching football or going to the next big rugby match but there are so many sports out there that you might never have considered. When it comes to motorbike racing, MotoGP is one of the most popular series. Of course, many have never even heard of MotoGP never mind watched a race.

Below, we are going to tell you some of the things that you should know about this sport.

What is MotoGP?

If you have never heard of MotoGP before then you should know that this is a type of motorbike racing. There are 19 races that take place around the world in countries based in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Within this series, there are various races that riders need to qualify for. You can expect to see some of the top motorbike brands in the world competing in this series. These brands will, of course, partner with the best drivers.

It Is Commonly Bet On

Sports betting is very popular around the world, but did you know that you can place a bet on MotoGP? Many people do this every single year as it can be quite thrilling. There are some sports betting sites that will offer Moto GP odds in the lead up to the big events. As long as you are betting safely and legally, this can be a lot of fun.

An Extremely Fast Sport

Did you know that bikes that drive in the MotoGP can break the 200mph barrier? This usually happens when they are in full race mode, but it can be very exciting. Due to the level of speed in these kinds of races, you’ll find that MotoGP is one of the fastest sports in the world!

A New Circuit Was Added

2020 has been an exciting year for MotoGP with a brand new circuit added for the 2020 races. Despite there being some delays on the races due to the pandemic, there has been a lot of excitement. Finland was reported to have finally re-joined for the first time in 38 years, thanks to its newly built track.

Rules Can Change

Finally, you should know that the rules that MotoGP drivers have to adhere to can change from time to time. This year, there were some new rules added including a penalty being enforced for riders who jump start on the grid with 2 long lap penalties. This rule replaced the pit lane ride through. Each time a rule is updated; drivers must ensure they are sticking to them.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t yet given MotoGP a chance, 2021 is the time to do it. This kind of racing can be a lot of fun and if you manage to place a bet on a race, the stakes can be even higher. Make sure to tune into the next big race to see how it plays out.


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