What is a Crypto Launch Pad? Top IDO crypto Launch Pads for 2021

Crypto launchpads are the IDO platforms that are used to launch new cryptocurrencies or crypto projects, also the Crypto launchpad is used as the medium to raise funds and investments for the upcoming new projects.

Now, how can we benefit from the Crypto launchpad? How are they promising for the new world with a greater crypto economy? Many things must be known in detail related to its functioning. What kind of benefits does a platform provider offer in the form of a Crypto launchpad?

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What are the best Crypto Launch Pads?

Here are the best IDO crypto launchpads that can surely give your initial level project a boost:


BSC PAD is the crypto launchpad that helps in raising liquidity in the project by distributing the native token.

  • There is a total of 79 million BSCPADs coins in circulation supply, It wants to facilitate the new blockchain with staking process
  • Also, the problem of finding the allocation spot is solved by BSCPAD.
  • It also has opened its platform for all kinds of traders from small to big scale to safely trade on the platform.
  • It is a Hallmarked system for a two-round security tier as every tier has the facility of allocation spot, also they offer a great level of services like advisory to legal support that makes them an ideal IDO.
  • BSCPADs also create a network of freelancers, non-profit organizations and enterprises to build greater governance.
  • GameFI

It is an e-sport platform that includes many games from the fantasy world to the lottery to the NFT marketplace.

  • GameFi works on integrating the various players from every corner of the world, where players are connected without any possible interaction.
  • GameFi is a chain-agnostic ecosystem that provides better servicing under low charges. It brings versatility in its services by opting for a tokenization process in its platform.
  • Also, it has reserved 51 percent stakes as its dividend shares for its members.
  • GameFi uses the most prominent blockchain for its website, Solana Blockchain for better transfer of data and cost-effective safety policy.
  • GameFi also provides a record option for its player to see if any cheating or illegal practices have happened, this ensures a high level of transparency.


  • TrustPad

Trustpad is a multichain fundraising ecosystem that helps in the crowdfunding process, also it has helped several early-stage projects to set up their fund securely.

  • TrustPad has provided its users with a fully integrated limit order by removing irregularities from the platform.
  • Also, it has provided a system to execute long-term earnings from its ecosystem that are operated underpinned transactions.
  • TrustPad has opened its platform to work with all kinds of businesses from mid-scale to bigger enterprises.


  • DAO maker

DAO maker is a retail-oriented start-up project funding platform that helps the low turnout companies to expand at the greater level by combining all the retailers under the venture capitalists.

  • DAO maker is available at many popular decentralized exchanges.
  • Also, you can use ETH for purchasing the DAO coins. It not only helps the growing technologies but also the individuals to grow.
  • DAO has integrated several bigger platforms like Metamask, 1 inch and Ronin under its Hub.


Many crypto launchpads are available in the market to help the new projects are the start-up level projects to earn funds for their future development, whereas some of the Crypto launchpads have helped investors to participate in the transparent token sale for new projects.

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