Iraq War Book

War Crime or Just War? The Iraq War 2003-2005

Author: Wood, Nicholas
Publisher: South Hill Press

  • Edited by Anabella Pellens
  • I had wept over his book” Lee Gordon, Camden New Journal
  • “Nicolas Wood and Anabella Pellens have produced what ought to be defining blueprint to hold Blair accountable.” Lee Gordon
  • “This book is invaluable for activists” Labour Left Review

An important book for University departments of Law, History, Politics and Middle Eastern Studies. I contains detailed reference to newspaper articles, Chatham House archives, TV and internet sources as well as a brief history of Iraq. Questions are raised as to the effectiveness of the ICC, the relevance of the Nuremberg Trials, and the importance of the Pinochet arrests. Case studies are included showing how the Laws and Customs of War have been breached by the UK Government.

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