Video Conferencing Platform: Your Partner in the Business World

Many companies require videoconferencing. These include distant communication in their system of management. Virtual meetings have proven so useful that knowing how to use them is indispensable knowledge nowadays. One suggestion today is the iMind platform, which is considered one of the best tools for your online business.

Virtual Meeting as It Is

A software solution for virtual meetings, available for use through various systems. One of the ideas originated and was implemented in 2011. A lot has changed, but now there is an active collaboration to improve the user experience and the functionality offered. Video conferencing is suitable for business use. Four plans offer feature sets that are convenient for different businesses. The basic plan is usually free and is convenient for use by individuals who don’t need video conferencing for work that often. All others offer more advanced options and are versatile enough to be used in different areas.

The Difference Between iMind and Other Platforms

Your main argument for choosing a video conferencing platform over other tools is that you will have many services available to you. It is a universal solution for any type of activity. 

Key features include:

  • Uncomplicated interface – it will be easy for you to understand everything and find the function you need at a particular moment. 
  • Ease of use – for a meeting room, you have to come up with a name and keep it unique.
  • The tool works in any system – it can be an app on a smartphone (or tablet) as well as a browser. You can use it comfortably regardless of your circumstances. 
  • Well-formulated plans – each plan is harmoniously balanced to meet the requirements of each size of business for which it is intended. When you buy a subscription for yourself or your team, you only pay for professional quality.

The platform’s basic features allow you to comfortably communicate remotely whether you bought a plan or are using the tool for free.

Other possible benefits are more individual, so you can discover them for yourself.  

Example of Plans with iMind

What is known about platform plans?

The iMind plans include the following options:

Free Use.

Better for individual users, personal needs, and freelance activities. There is the ability to create up to ten URLs and invite up to one hundred people per meeting. 

Pro Subscription.

More options are added for professional use. There are no restrictions on creating rooms, custom branding is available, the ability to create group-managed rooms, and advanced recording capabilities.

Business Plan.

At this stage, there is a custom subdomain for URL creation, a personal account for customer service, and media streaming features are available. 


Complete freedom of action. This is designed for huge companies. The plan provides support through a personal manager, on-site delivery, cloud monitoring, and other skill-building features. 

If you’re interested in more details, you can learn more at’s pricing page or by calling the team. 

Minimalistic style and maximum functionality. Feel completely safe when you experience the innovations of the platform. 

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