Top 7 tips for beautiful flowers at home and in your interior

Flowers are of course beautiful in the vase, but they are also a real addition to your interior. You can get creative with it in all sorts of ways. With these top 7 tips for beautiful flowers at home and in your interior, we tell you how you can keep flowers in the house beautiful for longer.

In addition, we provide you with a number of nice interior tips with flowers. This way you don’t have to plan a major metamorphosis for a cozy atmosphere and you also keep your bouquet beautiful for longer.


This is how you keep flowers in the house beautiful and interior tips

Nothing gives a nicer feeling than a beautiful bunch of flowers at home. Of course you want to be able to enjoy this for as long as possible. Everything stands and falls with good care of the flowers. However, creativity is also important to be able to provide your interior with a beautiful look. That is why we tell you exactly how you can keep flowers in the house beautiful for the longest time. Of course we also provide you with a number of nice interior tips.


1. A dash of vodka or soda in the vase

It may sound strange, but adding a few drops of vodka or soda with sugar will keep the water quality at its best. The sugar also ensures good nutrition. This keeps the flowers beautiful for longer. Vodka also has an antibacterial effect. Impurities, fungi and bacterial growth do not stand a chance in this way.


2. Copper coin in the flower vase

A copper coin works wonders if you want to keep the water in the vase clear and clean. Because copper raises the acidity of the water, you do not suffer from bacteria that cause your flowers to wilt prematurely. A penny or a euro cent in the vase of flowers is enough to enjoy your flowers in the house for longer.


3. Do not place the fruit bowl near the vase

If you want to enjoy fresh flowers for longer, it is wise not to place the fruit bowl and the vase near each other. Fruit such as bananas or apples release a gas during the ripening process. This will cause your flowers to wilt and finish blooming faster. So give the fruit bowl a different place for the time being.


4. Ice cubes as a secret weapon in the water supply

Although you might think that flowers don’t like the icy cold, an ice cube can actually work wonders. Especially when it comes to large single flowers such as the orchid. The stem softens faster or even rots if it is placed in too deep a layer of water. To prevent that, you can simply put an ice cube in the vase. If you do this every week you will provide the flower with the exact amount of water without it being affected.


5. A little bit of hairspray

Your bouquet will stay beautiful for a lot longer if you spray it with a little hairspray. In this way they retain their fresh appearance. This is best done by turning the flowers upside down. You can then spray hairspray on the underside of the flowers from a distance of about 30 cm.


6. The right bouquet in the right place

Flowers brighten up your interior completely. Of course you have to give them a prominent place for that. You can enjoy a full bouquet even more if you place it on a low table or stool. This way you look at the bunch of flowers instead of at it. Field bouquets look their best in the interior if you place them at eye level. The closet or sideboard is a good example of this.


7. Match the colors of the bouquet to your interior

Each living room has its own unique style. Colors play an important role in this. The same goes for the colors of your bunch of flowers. Do you mainly have earth tones in your interior? Then choose a bouquet with white flowers and green branches, an example could be the Swedish flower blommor födelsedag. These flowers have green branches and white colors, you can even order them in Sweden, where it is called ‘’Beställ rosor’’. Is your living room mainly furnished in a modern way? Then bouquets in one color do particularly well. You can think of deep red or blue.

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