The Most Non-Touristy Places in Europe

Travelling is one of the most amazing and demanding hobbies for thousands of people. However, not everyone would like to visit popular, crowded tourist spots. There are many travel enthusiasts who would like to enjoy uncommon places. In this post, you will find a list of the most non-touristy places in Europe you will definitely like.

When Preparing For The Journey 

Choosing a new destination that is not attracted by crowds of tourists might require plenty of free time. Therefore, get ready to spend at least several hours or even days to book accommodation, take care of transport, and buy tickets. But what if you are a busy student who doesn’t have enough time to plan a journey? The best idea will be to get professional assistance online and cope with all your academic difficulties in no time. By the way, don’t forget to read the reviews of using various popular services shared by other learners. For example, you can explore allassignmenthelp reviews on independent feedback platforms to choose the best solution. If you cope with all academic assignments in a fast and easy way, you will have more time to prepare for an unforgettable journey to the unusual place none of your friends has visited before. By the way, here is a list of destinations to choose from. 

Gozo Island, Malta 

Although Malta is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of students, the islands nearby are usually not crowded. If you would like to have an unforgettable rest, swim in the sea, and relax on remote beaches, Gozo is the best choice. Enjoy its unique architecture, incredible beaches, and amazing history when visiting one of the most unforgettable places on our planet. This is a great spot for easy and relaxing rest with a calm and quiet environment for those who want to stay away from big cities. 


Not to mention, If you suddenly feel lonely or require more communication, it’s easy to return to Malta and have fun. The journey from Malta to Gozo will take you no more than 30 minutes. 

Chernobyl, Ukraine 

If you are fond of extreme adventures and would like to visit places that can blow your mind, it might be a good idea to visit Chernobyl. This is a lonely city that was left by all its residents after the world-known tragedy at the nuclear station. However, if you choose this destination, it will be difficult to plan your stay and book tickets. It is not a popular tourist place, with countless bars, hotels, and shops. Chernobyl is a remote location where you will not be able to stay for a long time. The best idea for planning your visit to a place where your blood will run cold is to contact tourist agencies or book an apartment nearby to ask locals to become your guides.  

Outer Hebrides, Scotland 

If you would like to feel like you are at the end of the earth, Outer Hebrides is ready to welcome you. These are some of the most remote islands in Europe, so get ready to spend a couple of hours to reach them from the Scottish cities nearby. You will have an opportunity to discover fantastic nature, beautiful landscapes, and unique architecture on the island. Moreover, this is a place to calm down, forget all your worries, and enjoy wonderful beaches, where sand, water, and sky meet in the most magnificent manner. By the way, Outer Hebrides has top-notch white beaches and elegant villages, where you can buy local food and drinks. 

San Marino 

Do you want to discover new non-tourist places in the heart of Europe with no need to visit a remote destination? San Marino is the best solution for your needs. It is a microstate located right near Italy. Although many people have heard of this miniature country, not many tourists had a chance to visit it. However, this beautiful place definitely deserves your attention. It is truly small but has dozens of excellent places to explore the country’s history and traditions. Furthermore, San Marino is a developed country, so you can feel completely safe when traveling to this place. Many experienced tourists believe that San Marino is a treasure hidden among different European countries. Feel free to book accommodation, try local food in the numerous cafes and restaurants, and have a walk through the city’s beautiful streets.

The number of non-touristy places in Europe is amazing. Feel free to choose small cities, remote villages, or plan to spend vacations on islands. If you would like to explore more places with little to no tourists, pay attention to the Faroe Islands, Tromso (Norway), Sintra (Portugal), Queparo (Albania), and many others. However, always choose only safe destinations, where you can spend your vacation with no risks for your health and overall well-being. 

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