The Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins

Knowing the biggest online casino jackpots will make you want to play more than ever. Online casinos are already a fever among people who like to gamble.

In addition to the ease of being able to play from the comfort and security of your home, online casinos like mastercard casino are increasingly similar in style to traditional physical games. 

Many lights, hypnotic sounds and that stimulate the player are already part of the virtual games of online casinos.

To make sure that online casinos work and are safe, here are the 5 biggest casino winners. Meet ordinary people who believed in luck and today enjoy their millionaire prizes. And you too can become one of these people, just have faith and keep betting.


The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won

This record belongs to a Finnish player whose name was not disclosed for security reasons. It was a normal, quiet afternoon in the Finnish winter of January 2013. It certainly went down as one of the biggest online casino jackpots, at least on record.

The player was at home when he decided to try his luck at one of the most famous online casinos. With only a couple of rounds, he won the accumulated jackpot of €17,860,868. It is the biggest jackpot ever won.


Biggest Mega Moolah Jackpot 

It was late at night, in October 2013, when British soldier Jonathon Heywood went to make his last attempts at the virtual machine Mega Moolah. With a budget limit of 25 pennies (to have fun and have some profit without suffering big losses) and without using the maximum bet, Heywood made his last bets and, suddenly, luck smiled on him: £13,213,838.68 won.


The Machine that Makes Millionaires

There are certain slots that are real millionaire-making machines. These slots have become known for having made many people millionaires. On September 23, 2011, it was the turn of a Danish man (who preferred not to give his name) to be so lucky. In a single evening, with just over €10, he received a total of €11,735,446.


The Luckiest Player in the World

We can’t say that Canadian Marcus Goodwin is an experienced casino player. It was not a frequent habit for Marcus to spend time to win playing virtual slots in online casinos. Still, he never stopped believing. 

On November 5, 2016, in just one round, the Canadian won what experienced players wait a lifetime for: $11,633,898.44.


Another Mega Moolah Millionaire 

There is no exact time to become a millionaire at Mega Moolah. Knowing this, a New Zealand player (he also did not want to reveal his identity) played on several slots every day, for several hours, but mainly on Mega Moolah.  

It was then that in April 2016 his efforts were rewarded. He won an amount of approximately $10 million and became one of the biggest online casino prizes in history. 



Progressive slots are a mysterious being that never tells when it’s going to turn someone new into a millionaire. Therefore, the best thing is to simply play them while having fun – and who knows, the lucky spin may always be right around the corner.

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