The Best Massage Chairs with Spinal Scan Technology – 7 Benefits for the Body

Professional massage chairs with Shiatsu 8-point spinal scanning technology offer numerous benefits for the body’s health and mental balance. What are they?

Why is the scanning system on massage chairs important?

The 8 Shiatsu scan points target vulnerable areas along the spine that are prone to fatigue and discomfort.

  • Stress hormone relief

By detecting the 8 massage points it is possible to automatically adapt the massage to the user’s physical condition. Subsequently, the massage helps to reduce accumulated tension in the body, which can also have beneficial effects on the psyche by promoting a state of deep relaxation.

Japanese professional massage chairs also come with additional features such as multi-heating, Mindfulness massage, Deep Tissue for relaxation up to 12.5 cm deep into the tissues, offering a complete experience, adaptable to each user. Discover more about the Fujiiryoki range of massage chairs, with over 70 years of tradition, at

  • Improved blood circulation

Thanks to the back scanning system, muscle contractures are identified, but by firmly massaging them, blood circulation is stimulated. This releases circulatory blockages, blood circulates to all areas improving oxygenation and cell nutrition, accelerating tissue regeneration.

  • Relieving back pain

The scanning system detects sensitive points in the spine where fatigue builds up after exertion or from sitting for long periods at a desk or in the wrong position. The high quality massage chairs with spinal-scanning technology identify problem areas affected by stress, adjusting the intensity of the massage according to the condition of the muscles.

  • Increased flexibility

Thanks to the properly selected automatic massage, muscles and joints are firmly stimulated. This technology supports increased flexibility and overall body mobility, which is a real benefit especially for athletes or people with an active lifestyle.

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system

After completing the back scan and automatically activating the massage according to the user’s physical condition, the lymphatic system is also stimulated, which facilitates optimal functioning of the immune system.

  • Accelerating the detoxification process

Massage chairs press numerous areas on the surface of the back at varying levels of intensity, including the effective elimination of toxins and metabolic waste products. Proper massage can therefore help reduce inflammation that can develop in the body as a result of toxin build-up.

Professional full-body massage chairs with spinal scanning system provide a personalized massage tailored to the individual body profile. In addition to the deeply relaxing effect of the robotic massage, the benefits continue to include improving flexibility, strengthening immunity or releasing circulatory blockages, making massage chairs a convenient and effective home recovery solution.

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