Karim Khayat, Seeds Education CEO: Lebanese Education Trends in 2022

Karim Khayat is the CEO of Seeds Education, a company that offers in-depth and comprehensive research services in the field of education. Under Karim Tahsin Al-Khayat’s guidance, the company has grown to become a leading publisher and educational product provider in the Middle East, supporting educators as the facilitators of lifelong learning. This article will explore learning trends predicted in the Lebanese education system in the year ahead.

Foundations for Building Forward Better: An Education Reform Path for Lebanon

Published in June 2021, the Foundations for Building Forward Better: An Education Reform Path for Lebanon report presented an overview of the main challenges faced by the Lebanese education sector, providing evidence-based solutions and proposals for policy reform recommendations over the short, medium and long-term. In line with Ministry of Education objectives, the proposed reform plan aims to improve governance, equity and learning outcomes in Lebanon.

Curriculum Reform Conference

The Curriculum Reform Conference was launched to rethink the curriculum, both within Lebanon and across the Arab world.

Curriculum reform has been a recurrent issue in the Middle East in the past two decades as a major means for improving students’ achievements and educational outcomes.

The main objectives of the conference are to:

  • Explore current debates concerning curriculum approaches, ideologies and theories.
  • Reflect on the role of various stakeholders in the process of developing curriculums
  • Inform and facilitate curriculum debates throughout the region
  • Examine empirical and normative questions regarding what to teach future generations
  • Reflect on local practices in Middle Eastern countries with the objective of developing an in-depth understanding of curriculum

The Curriculum Reform Conference was created to engage participants in a dialogue around the philosophies driving curriculum reforms, looking at what the next generation should learn, how they should learn it and why. The conference aims to re-centre the debate about curriculum reform in the Middle East by addressing the societal, political and cultural underpinnings of the curriculum. Simultaneously, the Curriculum Reform Conference aims to re-examine subject-specific debates, exploring current developments in education in countries around the world.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Decolonising curricula in the Middle East region
  • The role of educators in the curriculum beyond textbooks
  • The role of the wider community in terms of envisioning national curricula
  • Curriculum processes, research and methods for knowledge production
  • The curriculum for social change

Covering all grade levels from K to 12, the conference looks at all subjects, including languages, STEM and social studies.

Seeds Education: Meeting Evolving Education Needs

Alongside its printed materials, Seeds Education prides itself on offering a comprehensive repertoire of state-of-the-art digital materials for use in educational settings, continually improving and evolving to meet changing educational needs.

Appropriate for use as stand-alone learning materials or to be utilised in conjunction with print products to vary and enhance the learning experience, Seeds Education’s array of digital offerings include eBooks, Augmented Course Books with audio and answer keys, and Interactive Course Books incorporating embedded audio, video and learning objects.

Seeds Education presents a very versatile Workbook package, capable of being delivered in a variety of different ways. Content can be delivered as webpages linked directly from a Course Book; deployed via a virtual learning environment or learning management system; through QR codes; or on a USB stick.

In addition to its impressive selection of digital learning materials, Seeds Education also delivers bespoke teacher training and CPD services. Committed to supporting teachers everywhere in their professional development, Seeds Education offers in-depth, on-site professional sessions and teacher training, providing detailed content-orientated sessions that help teachers familiarise themselves with curriculum content.

Seeds Education also provides generic teacher training sessions, helping teachers to build on their training, refine their practice and develop new skills. Enlisting the assistance of its team of highly-experienced and qualified teacher trainers, Seeds Education offers ongoing professional development sessions for tutors and teachers at all levels, constantly reviewing and adapting training sessions to ensure they reflect current pedagogical approaches and trends.

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