Island hopping on the Spanish islands

The British love to travel and turn their backs on the rainy weather of the north for a few days. Spain, in particular, holds a special place in the hearts of travel lovers. Statistics show that around 18.13 million Britons travel to the southern European country every year. Spain is thus the most popular destination for UK residents, ahead of France and Italy.

This result is not astounding for us because Spain is not only characterized by great weather and a varied landscape. The kingdom on the Mediterranean also has plenty of culture and delicious food. However, while many holidaymakers focus on the mainland, the numerous Spanish islands are often forgotten. This is a pity because Spain’s Mediterranean and Atlantic islands have so much to offer.


Majorca is undoubtedly the favourite island of Europeans. It is located east of the Spanish mainland and belongs to the Balearic archipelago. Size-wise, Majorca surpasses the other 145 Balearic Islands. But this is not the decisive reason why millions of visitors are attracted to Majorca every year.

The Balearic Island is a place where everyone gets their money’s worth. Whether partying at Ballermann, sporting activities in the beautiful nature of Majorca, relaxing on the beach, or a cultural voyage of discovery on the island’s capital – Majorca is the complete package.

In addition, the island has an incredible range of holiday rentals. The offers cover the complete price range and make it possible for everyone to spend beautiful days on the Spanish island. Accordingly, it is worth to compare rentals in Majorca.


Until the 1990s, Ibiza was a blank slate. The natural paradise was characterized by sandy beaches in the south, picturesque bays in the west and east, impressive cliffs in the north, and forests, cultural landscapes, and villages in the interior of the island. But eventually, the quiet island was discovered by hip DJs from all over the world and gradually emerged the club scene for which Ibiza is so famous today.

Meanwhile, the Spanish island is the favourite place of numerous celebrities. The original character of the island can still be seen in the farmhouses and unspoiled nature and is therefore popular as a destination for travel abroad.


Less known is the island of Menorca. It has more than 100 beaches and coves that stretch for 285 km. In the high waves of the crystal-clear waters, various water sports activities can be pursued and beaches such as Cala Pilar, Cala Turqueta, and Playa De Cavalleria invite you to relax and unwind. The special thing about the long coastline of Menorca is that a large part of the landscape has been declared by UNESCO as a Bosphere Reserve. Therefore, the beaches are in their original state and are often deserted. Apart from the beautiful beaches, a trip to the 357-meter-high Monte Toro or a day trip to the picturesque towns and villages of the island are also worthwhile.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is located only a short distance from the Moroccan coast and is in the centre of the volcano archipelago of the Canary Islands. Especially families like to spend their holidays on this island because the flat sandy beaches are an optimal condition for a beach day with children. Due to the different types of landscapes and climatic zones of Gran Canaria, there is a lot to discover: laurel forests, dune landscapes, impressive cities, and diverse flora and fauna.


Tenerife became famous for its extraordinary lava sand, which stands out from the conventional beaches because of its black colour. The island is perfectly equipped for tourists and offers every amenity that holidaymakers can imagine. On Tenerife, especially families and beach tourists get their money’s worth, but also active travellers and nature fans benefit from the beauty and leisure activities of the Spanish island.

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