Is Uni a Must for Gen Z?

Is Uni a Must for Gen Z?

For many millennials, attending university was seen as a rite of passage and a necessity if you wanted to enter the job market. In recent years, however, debate has swirled about the necessity of attending university. With members of Gen Z now contemplating their future, does university still hold the same allure?

Launching a Career

For lifelong learners, university might seem like a natural progression and something they actively look forward to. Similarly, for budding lawyers and clinicians, the need for a degree makes university a must. In other professions, however, there are typically a range of entry routes. While graduates may leapfrog into a slightly higher entry position than school leavers, it’s arguable whether this makes university a necessity.

Despite concerns over higher tuition fees making some applicants think twice about going to university, the statistics are still indicative of enhanced opportunities being offered to graduates. In 2016-17, for example, over 90% of graduates were in work within six months of leaving university, while the average graduate salary in 2018 was £10,000 higher than the average salary for non-graduates.

Although there are alternative routes into employment, many people still perceive university as the most reliable way of securing entry into your chosen career. Of course, the decision to go to university isn’t one that’s solely made on the basis of future job prospects. If the thought of sitting through endless university lectures seems overwhelming, you can always opt for online courses. Now, more than ever, technology in education is making it easier than ever to study, no matter where you are.

Spreading Your Wings

Attending university gives young people the opportunity to gain independence and live on their own terms. With most students choosing to move out of home to attend university, it’s their first opportunity to live away from their parents. As rental prices continue to increase around the country, going to university becomes an increasingly attractive prospect for young people who are keen to spread their wings.

Today’s students also have the benefit of luxury accommodation, which is a far cry from the shared facilities of yesteryear. For freshers looking for Reading student accommodation, for example, the options to live on campus, off campus, with friends and in sumptuous surroundings highlights the luxury of modern student living. Of course, universities aren’t the only organisations keen to upgrade the housing options available to students. Collegiate Student Accommodation is one such company offering luxury housing to students up and down the country. With studio apartments, en suite facilities, private fitness facilities and state of the art security, it’s easy to see why students are so drawn to uni life.

Finding the Right Fit

The combination of job prospects and independent living continues to make university a popular choice amongst Gen Z. Participation in higher education has continued to grow at a steady rate in recent years and this is expected to continue as Gen Z take the next step towards their futures.

Although increasing investment in alternative options, such as apprenticeships, is giving young people more viable choices, the lifestyle at university, as well as the education, appears to be a driving force behind the decision to embark on a degree. For Gen Z, the luxury lifestyle, academic opportunities and career choices are likely to make university an irresistible prospect.

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