Is it possible to use the PS2 controller with Pc?

Now you will be able to utilize your PS2 controller to player games on your PC with the help of a USB link and for this you might need to restart your computer first. If your computer was made over the recent 10 years it might have default USB and if you have an older computer than you need to buy a remote USB connector to attach your ps2 controller with your pc.


How you can connect PS2 to a computer?

Most of the gamer do not like to play video games over their pc with the help of keyboard and mouse as their first preference is gaming controller. On the off chance if you have a ps2 controller that haven’t utilize, now it time to take it out of the box and connect it with your pc or laptop. Somehow it is not possible to attach your controller straight forwardly to your laptop or computer without making any changes. 

You have to purchase an extra PS controller adapter to convert the standard 8 pin plug into a USB plug. Although this adapter is not that much common but you can find it on Amazon or may be eBay.


  1. Once you have purchased the adepter it time to connect ps2 controller to your pc. On the play station adapter you find a port where you can insert the connector. This port will seem to be indistinguishable from the one found in a PS2 slimline console, acquire the connection of your adepter and interface it into the port that you have found on the connector,


The connector will have USB cable attached to it, This cable will allow you to attach connector with your pc and adapter. Now plug that USB cable into the USB port on the façade of your pc.

That’s it, you have completed most of your arrangements and now you are all set to play video game on your pc or laptop with the help of your ps2 controller. 


Can a PS2 controller connect to a Windows PC?

First of all you should have installed latest version of windows which can be downloaded from’s ps1 and ps2 connecters are more efficient and they don’t require any USB. You can buy an adapter, however, it is likely better to buy a Dualshock 3, as it’s predominantly the equivalent yet with remote and USB support. As windows are upheld completely out of the box, so go for the dualshock 3 considering it Microsoft’s leading connector.


Can you play PS2 games on a PC?

  • Click on the quick setup option and after this press all buttons on your Ps2 controller or gamepad.
  • Step2 – Apply this setting and snap on the OK button. 
  • Now you don’t need to do anything just boot your ps2 and play your game.


What type of cable do you need to connect your PS2 controller?

Just remotely associate using Bluetooth or plug it with a USB link. Sony’s PS1 and PS2 regulators are more seasoned and don’t utilize USB. You can get a connector, yet it’s likely best to get a DualShock 3, as it is something very similar to Microsoft connecter with remote USB and USB support.


What type of controller is required to play PC games?

You can get a connector or adapter, however, it is likely best to get a DualShock 3, as it’s primarily the equivalent yet with remote and USB support. Windows are upheld completely out of the box. Simply attach the controller or associate over Bluetooth and enjoy your game.


How to configure the PS2 controller?

Follow the instructions mentioned on the ps2 wireless controller set-up and insert the receiver into the ps2. Each ps2 remote connector always pays little attention to the connector or adapter brand so whenever you are connected to the receiver or adapter, turn the ps2 on by just pressing the green button on the upper right corner of the play station, insert the batteries into your controller and connect the controller with your pc and laptop by following the above mentioned steps and play your games.

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