Increase your company’s brand awareness and sales with PM Worldwide Marketing Agency

Internet marketing is one of the key elements of modern marketing communications: more and more people spend a significant part of their time on the network, through computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other gadgets, in the subway, in a restaurant, at a party or at home. And in order for communication with these real or potential customers to be as effective as possible, a company or a brand simply must to be present in the web space.

PM WorldWide Marketing Agency specialization is the development of various digital marketing strategies, personal and corporate branding, a complex of marketing communications (advertising, public relations, sales, incentive events), as well as online promotion, starting with the development of websites and landing pages, and ending with SMM marketing and contextual advertising. In addition, marketing research (primary and secondary) is an integral part of the work, regardless of the task. The digital solutions for your business that this digital agency can offer are:

  • Web sites;
  • Mobile App;
  • E-commerce;
  • Online promotions;
  • Online Advertising!

PM Worldwide designs and develops branding strategies for the launch or consolidation of products or services, integrating all communication and packaging aspects. Multiple tools, in particular all those developed via the web, allow us to obtain measurable data in a reasonably rapid time, and to carry out field tests at low costs.

Among the most important advantages of PM Worldwide are specialization in small and medium-sized businesses, a comfortable pricing policy, the ability to work with limited resources, as well as complete confidentiality (under no circumstances information obtained during the provision of services is not transferred to third parties).

PM Worldwide PR services

PR promotion is one of the key services of PM Worldwide marketing agency. PR experts and strategists of the company have vast experience in PR promotion of small and medium-sized businesses, including anti-crisis and personal PR. Among the agency’s regular clients are various B2C companies, for example, PariMatch or retail, but more and more enterprises from the B2B segment, for example, financial and industrial enterprises, have begun to apply for PR support.

What is PR promotion? Public relations or PR is an element of marketing communications necessary to establish mutual understanding between a company/brand/person and all interaction groups (customers, employees, partners, government agencies, competitors, etc.), as well as to form the necessary idea of ​​the PR object. PR promotion is an activity on building a correct PR-communication with the internal and external public, improving reputation, as well as timely response to potentially dangerous (crisis) situations and elimination of their consequences.

As part of PR promotion of a company / product / brand, PM Worldwide Marketing Agency’s experts create and place PR materials, develop a media card and respond to media inquiries (act as the official press office of the customer), they organize press events, conduct media monitoring, develop PR promotions, campaigns and strategies, compose reports with recommendations. Having hired a team of professionals to handle the more technical issues of your marketing strategy will enable you to focus on the other aspects of your business rather than have to spend weeks or months looking for the right marketing employees to hire or train yourself.

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