How to Successfully Manage Your Home Park Business

As the coronavirus sweeps the globe, home park businesses have started to really feel the economic impact. Forced to close, like many businesses, they are left without any source of income until the pandemic is over. However, once it is over, holiday parks could see a surge in holidaymakers. Many will avoid travelling to Europe and abroad, opting instead for safer staycations.

So, to prepare for the potential surge in tourists, it’s essential to ensure you get the park up and running successfully. Here, you’ll discover how to successfully manage a home park business to take advantage of the opportunities to come.

Preparing for the surge in home travel

New research from consultancy firm Retail Economics, has revealed that 31% of those polled would consider avoiding overseas travel if the outbreak isn’t contained. This would equate to approximately £17 billion holiday spending being put on hold.

However, to make up for the fewer trips overseas, Brits are likely to flock to holiday parks and UK based hotels instead. This means if you run a holiday park in the UK, you’re going to need to be prepared for the surge in holidaymakers later in the year. Strengthening up your website and ensuring it can deal with a large surge in orders is recommended. You’ll also want to start preparing the park for guests.

Aim to exceed guest expectations

One of the best things you can do to ensure your holiday park succeeds, is to exceed guest expectations. You’ll want to go above and beyond to ensure their every need is accounted for. You don’t need to invest in the latest high-tech gadgets if you don’t have the budget. Instead, focus on providing little extras, such as a welcome basket on arrival.

You should also pay attention to how the site looks and that guests are welcomed to the park with attractive signage.  Of course, your customer service should be excellent too.

Ensure you’re covered against accidents and damages

One thing you might not have considered, is covering the park with a good level of insurance. You’ll want to make sure you choose specialist Gallagher holiday park insurance. This will ensure you have the right type of cover for the park and you can rest assured it will include everything you need.

Incorporate sustainability

One thing guests looks out for these days, is sustainability. So, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you’re going to need to incorporate sustainability into your business. This means recycling, not using single use plastics and taking care of the surrounding environment.

There is a lot to running a holiday park. While it may be quiet now as we deal with the pandemic, once it is over, UK holiday parks are set to soar in popularity. Make sure your park is ready to take advantage of the coming surge in holidaymakers.

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