How To Restore Bluetooth On Windows 10?

Facing the use of lost Bluetooth on your laptop? How can we fix the issue of unavailable Bluetooth on windows 10?

Whenever there is any new upgrade of windows 10 or any mistakenly wrong click there might be some missing things from the taskbar that the user faces trouble with. However, clicking on something wrong unintentionally means losing that icon from the taskbar. So how can we restore Bluetooth on windows 10? For the exclusive answer, dig down this article till the end so that you can find an authentic way to resolve this issue.


How can we restore Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Here below we are mentioning some methods for restoring Bluetooth on windows 10;

  1. Virus and malware cleaning

Mostly the major reason for Bluetooth issues is related to viruses or malware that not only affects the functioning of the laptop but also causes errors. For this, you first have to put the window in safe mode then you can troubleshoot the issue just by activating the anti-malware or antivirus software.

By this, if there is any problem, closely observe and look into all the applications you have installed, so if one of them is causing an issue then it is better to uninstall it for the better and smooth working of Windows 10. So, this is how you can troubleshoot the issue and restore the Bluetooth.


  1. Set up Bluetooth services

Another major reason for lost Bluetooth is the Bluetooth services are functioning in the background. For this, first, you have to turn it on as many times turned off Bluetooth services is also the reason for the failed connection.

  • For this, you can easily fix this problem just by pressing Win+R and now you will see a run box where you have to type services.msc.
  • Press on the Bluetooth support services and then press on the general tab and select start.
  • After this, choose the Automatic option from the startup type list, and then restart your PC after pressing OK.
  1. Compatible for Bluetooth device

If you aren’t able to restore your Bluetooth then it might be possible that something is wrong with your PC as maybe the system is not compatible with the Bluetooth devices.

As, the Bluetooth device might go well with your earlier Windows version, although it is preferable to update the hardware if the system is not recognizing the existing Bluetooth device.


  1. Change Bluetooth settings

There might be a possibility that from the Bluetooth setting the Bluetooth is disabled, that’s why you have to open the settings and click on the Bluetooth option.

  • First of all, turn off the Airplane mode and then launch the Bluetooth option.
  • As from the Network & Internet menu you can disable the AIrplane mode.
  • After this, go to the Device and choose the Bluetooth option and turn it on.

After turning on the Bluetooth, you have to find the Bluetooth device, for this

  • Press Win_X keys together and choose the control panel.
  • From here, select hardware and sound and then press on Devices and Printers.
  • Now, check out if you see any Bluetooth icon, double click on it.


  1. Update Bluetooth Driver

Some PC errors are commonly accompanied by old, unsuitable, or defective drivers as many users may not notice it, but a damaged driver may be the source of Bluetooth device failure. So, upgrading the Bluetooth driver may be able to assist the users to solve all their Bluetooth-related problems.

So, for this, you can manually upgrade your driver, but sometimes, the user can’t find the correct driver for the device so it is better to opt for Driverpack Solution( software will allow you to update the system drivers in a couple of moments.


  1. System restore point

If anything is not working, then better to resolve this issue just by using the system restore option, as it will make the system restore point that will recover windows 10 to that condition where the Bluetooth is properly functional.

This is how you can restore the Bluetooth on Windows 10.



We hope you find this article; how to restore Bluetooth on Windows 10, quite informative and helpful. As we have mentioned all the possible methods by which you can restore Bluetooth on windows 10 after troubleshooting all the major issues.

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