How to Improve Your Job Search

It can be a daunting proposition and process when you’re out of work and searching for your next role. You have to first find roles you like the look of, write cover letters and CV for those specific roles, complete any application forms or questions, and then interview for the position before you’re eventually hired.

For many, this process can take months, and a lot of people don’t have the luxury of time to find a role. If you’re looking to make your job search more successful, here are some tips to help you improve that process.

Always Send a Unique Cover Letter 

When applying for a lot of different roles, many applicants try to save time by sending out the same cover letter and just replacing the job role and name of the company.

This isn’t the most effective way to apply for a job because recruiters can see right past it, and the cover letter you’re sending out is specific enough.

Instead, you’ll have a much better chance of getting an interview if you write a cover letter from scratch for each job you apply for. To help you write a good cover letter, focus on talking about the requirements on the job description and mention the experience that you’ve obtained that proves you can meet those requirements.

Doing this may take longer, but you end up with more focused and impactful cover letters.

Use Multiple Job Boards

When looking for jobs, a lot of people just stick to searching for roles on one or two of the main job boards. This can be detrimental, as many jobs are published elsewhere that you could simply not be seeing.

If you’re looking to enter a specific industry, try to find job boards that only post roles in these fields. This can make it easier to find something you’re interested in, and there may also be less competition on those sites.

To freshen up your job search, you need to change where you’re looking for roles. So instead of using just LinkedIn, try using Michael Page or other websites.

Use a Recruitment Agency 

One of the best ways to improve your prospects while searching is to use a recruitment agency. When you partner with one, they’ll work hard to source roles and get you in contact with jobs that suit you.

Many recruitment agencies have exclusivity, meaning that only their clients get informed about new job openings. With a good agency, you’ll get contacted regularly about exciting opportunities. Most won’t even charge you, as the employer instead pays them for finding you.

Recruitment agencies can also provide assistance and aid to help you be better at interviewing as well as other aspects of applying for work.


The job search can be tough. However, if you do things properly and utilise all the tools and techniques available to you, you’re more likely to have a successful time and not have to be looking for long before you land your next role.

By taking the time to create bespoke cover letters and by using the resources available to you, you should be able to find the perfect role in no time.

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