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How to Help Local Charities

We’ve just passed the first hurdle of 2020, and even though it seems like January would never end, you’re doing incredibly well if you’ve managed to stick to your resolutions. Now if you haven’t, there’s no need to worry as it just means you have another chance to get back up on your horse and do some good this year.

One of the best ways to do good and spread a little joy is by helping local charities. There isn’t one in your area that would say no to a helping hand. If you’re the kind of person who wants to do some good this year, there are innumerable ways you can help out, even if you don’t have the time you want to get involved.

Here are some ways you can help local charities in your area.

Just give an hour

Time is money and charities never have enough of it. But people do, and that includes you. You don’t need to spend every evening and hour of the weekend helping a local charity. You can carve out a little hour here and there throughout the week instead. Forego sitting on the sofa watching TV for one evening and drag yourself out of the house to get involved. It will do your mental health a world of good and get you involved with the community more than you think.

You don’t need to go asking for money

Not all charity work should involve standing in the street with a bucket and bib. Raising awareness is just as important and helping to get the message of a local charity scene and heard by the community is easy. This is something big charities do quite well, with many using professional fundraising services to help get the message across, rather than just asking for money.

If you spend just a little time telling people you know about a charity you’re involved with, and show enthusiasm about the work you’re doing, it can act as a kick up the rear end for your friends to realise they might want to get involved as well.

The simplicity in spreading a positive message will have a knock-on effect.

Don’t ask for cash; flash the plastic

“Sorry, I’ve not got any change on me.”

It’s a phrase we are all guilty of saying when confronted outside a shop by someone looking for you to donate loose change to charity. You can change all that by giving your preferred local charity a small gift that can have a massive impact; a contactless reader.

Contactless card readers look dear, but they’re surprisingly cheap. You can buy them online for as little at £19, giving the charity a more natural way to raise money here and there. A popular choice right now is to set up readers so people can tap and donate £1. It’s such a small fee that most people will happily do it and have their good deed for the day done in a second.

Rather than having someone rely on whatever coins they can get over the course of an afternoon, a volunteer with a contactless reader can help raise much more money in the same space of time.

Get work involved (without lifting a finger)

Sponsorship. It’s a big scary word to most, but local charities always benefit when local businesses get involved and help. There’s no easier way to get a win-win result for anyone than having the company you work for sponsor a local charity, whether it’s for a fundraising event or as a partnership. It doesn’t cost much and can also help build press for the business.

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