How to Create an Instagram Profile?

In today’s world, a profile on social media can play the role of a business card, resume, and even a successful online store. Want to know how to beautifully design an Instagram page so that it makes only positive impressions? On platforms where the visual role is played by the visual content, the design stage is almost the most important. The same is on YouTube. If you develop your channel there, at the same time, use a thumbnail creator for YouTube to make it visually presentable as well. 

You don’t have to be a design guru or have special skills to design a friendly Instagram page. It is enough to follow the recommendations of experts, which will bring a positive result. So, in this article, we suggest you consider tips and life hacks that will help you get more subscriptions, likes, and orders.

Why Is It Important to Set up an Instagram Account Correctly?

Companies put a lot of time and effort into creating their website, store design, or brand representation. A business account on Instagram or Facebook can also be a significant lever to influence the audience, on par with other platforms of the brand.

Depending on how well you work and create an account – depends on whether you can arouse the user’s interest. The first positive impression is the key to success, as well as a guarantee of increased activity and gaining new subscribers on the page.

What Does the User Pay Attention to in the Brand Account?

When you first visit an Instagram page, potential subscribers appreciate a few important nuances:

  • the name and description of the “header” of the account;
  • visual content: photos and videos, creativity, and stories;
  • relevance and usefulness of the information provided;
  • style and literacy of publications;
  • IGTV videos and timeless stories are available.

Also overall visual effect: color gamut, text-to-photo aspect ratio.

How to Design a Profile Header on Instagram?

Filling a new social network account should start with filling the so-called “header” of the profile. Potential subscribers pay attention to the face of your brand in the first place. In the “cap” you should specify:

  • name and nickname;
  • photo (avatar);
  • profile description;
  • link to a hashtag, account, or site;
  • contacts.

When choosing a nickname and page name on Instagram – you should use the brand name. Also, keep in mind an important point – in all social networks, the name should match, which will be as convenient as possible for users when searching. The nickname should be as simple as possible to write and easy to hear.

Profile photo

As the main avatar for brands, the beautifully decorated company logo will be perfect. But if you do not have a logo – use a product image or photo associated with the brand, for the restaurant – food, textile store – pillow, beauty salon – cosmetics, or luxury makeup.

The image should be as clear and bright as possible, successfully attract attention, and not get lost among hundreds of others. Experts recommend avoiding small captions and playing with fonts because users simply will not be able to read the text in the photo.

Profile description

Only 150 characters are available for description, so you can tell potential customers about yourself. What to write to hit the target? Emphasize competitive advantages, add an ice magnet, and outline the scope of activities.

World-famous brands are constantly working to improve the visual part, follow and actively use trends, and modernize the Tone of Voice to modern requirements. Accordingly, such a clear and well-thought-out strategy allows you to succeed, increase brand awareness and gain a loyal audience. If the overall visual is pleasing to the eye and the content is useful and interesting, the subscriber will become part of your audience.

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