How to Begin Creating Content For Different Locales

When you need to create localised content for specific areas across the globe, it often is not a simple task. Some publics behave differently than others and we need to revamp our approach in order to provide the best possible first impression on the target audience.

Here at SeoBrothers, we are writing hundreds of articles of all kinds for different locales in the world on a regular basis. We try to provide readers with great content, while also improving our understanding of who exactly our target audience is, and how to efficiently approach it. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the most common problems we come across when we begin working on each particular locale.

How to Solve the Most Common Issues

We are going to address the three most common issues that we encounter when preparing to launch a new locale. These are the entry-level problems that should be reviewed in the preparation stage. Understanding these will help you to create content for different audiences from scratch and on an allocated limited budget.

Find Online Available Relevant Information About Your Target Audience

Lack of insight is a common disadvantage we are all subject to at some point when creating content for a specific region in the world. Often we don’t know anything but stereotypes of our target audience, and it shouldn’t be a good idea to create content about clichés, as they can either sound disrespectful or too repetitive/uninteresting.

When we first started writing content for the Kenyan audience, for example, it was very hard to gather relevant data on some aspects of the Kenyan market. Since we mostly operate from a European space, getting access to Kenyan phone number to review available mobile payment systems was a grueling task. We mostly were trying to find information in English using the most common search engines but nothing seemed to be genuine or relevant for the topic we were trying to write about.

We essentially combined two strategies and translated some keywords from English to Swaihili and instead of using Google Search, Bing or YouTube, we went on hunting down people who were based in Kenya on social media, using their search engines and the keywords we had come across. Using this approach, we killed two birds with one stone, as people we found sharing their views and opinions on social media networks were already interested in that topic. We then went over the pre-selected people’s profiles on social media to see if they had at least a basic English level to establish further contact. Some of the people were actually willing to answer our questions and help us for free.

Choose a Style and Follow It

When writing a review, there inadvertently will be some topics where you will be sharing your views and opinions. However, you should avoid it at all costs, as a person is not interested in the writer’s personal views and beliefs – which may collide with their own and therefore drive them away, – but they are always interested in genuine facts and info on how this content we are sharing with them will help them to solve their problem.

Your main focus should be to try to help and guide the audience. So always advise your team to try to stick to the content, as if they were just narrating the content in third person, with soft interventions from time to time. Being objective while remaining friendly is not an easy task – and that’s something that we continuously work on with our authors when moving from one locale to another.

Choosing a dedicated style also makes the work of your content managers and proofreaders much easier since they always will have guidelines on how to approach every article from this point of view to provide an unified outlook for your website. This means that the briefs that they assign to copywriters will contain the exact description of what you want to receive.

If Necessary, Don’t Hesitate to Use A VPN Service

Some areas are extremely restricted and the only way to jump over the fence is to have access to a VPN service. With them, you can basically mask your original IP address, just as if you were in a completely different part of the globe, when in reality, you’re at home.

There are tons of VPN services, and obviously, the paid versions are much better because they provide you with more countries to access. However, if you don’t have conditions to afford one right now, you can look up for free versions that are made available by VPN companies themselves just like a free trial and then try your luck to see if they have the locale you are in need of in it.


Like we’ve said before, these entry-level steps are the most common issues that you can run into and clear even before you set up a launch of a local website. Preparation in many cases is the key to a successful start, and it is even more important if you are operating on an allocated budget that can’t absorb too many turns in the wrong direction. This can be avoided by paying attention to the little things that lie in the basics of your approach.

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