How the Types of Roulette Bets Have Evolved

Roulette is a casino game that, at first sight, hasn’t changed greatly in recent decades. The spinning wheel still looks the same as it always did and the ball still bounces around before finally coming to rest on a number, but how have the types of bets changed?

Roulette wheel” (CC BY 2.0) by Håkan Dahlström


Betting on a Single Number Now Brings the Chance of a Bigger Win 

The classic approach of choosing a single number to put your stake on remains as popular as ever. It’s selected by placing a chip on your chosen number and the traditional payout if you get it right is 35:1, with the odds of winning at 36 to 1 on European wheels and 37 to 1 on American versions.

This was the biggest possible prize in the past but the fact that you can play roulette online now has added new ways of playing. Lightning Roulette and Mega Fire Blaze Roulette are among the versions where a multiplier is added randomly to one or more numbers after each betting round. If your number gets a multiplier and wins, the prize is automatically boosted.

You simply place your chip on the number you think will win and then wait to see if a multiplier is added to it before the wheel is spun. Therefore, the betting process is as simple as ever but an extra layer of excitement is added to the game as well as the chance to win more.


Choosing a Spread Bet Is Possible

Betting on a series of numbers has always been possible thanks to wagers like odd, red, red, and black, but the introduction of live-streamed games with two wheels spinning at the same time has brought a new edge to online roulette. With this double-wheel set-up, you can bet on the total you predict for the combination of numbers across both wheels. 

This means that you can bet from zero up to 72 on each spin, which increases the prize if you win but makes it more difficult to correctly predict. This is where the spread betting element comes in, as you can choose a range of numbers and you win if the ball lands on any of them. As with the multipliers, it doesn’t make placing a bet any more difficult than it’s always been.

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What Might Change in the Future?

It seems clear from these new ways of playing that roulette has evolved greatly in the last few years, and it seems safe to suggest that we continue to see innovations like those we’ve just looked at. With numerous developers creating their own versions of the game for online play, they’re likely to each have a unique vision that they want to bring to life through new features and bonus rounds.  

The exact form that future changes take is yet to be seen, but one thing that seems certain is that the basic gameplay of roulette at the heart of this game will remain the same. After all, the most recent changes have enhanced the variety of bets without taking anything away from the classic gameplay.


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