How outsourcing can help agencies deliver an extraordinary experience to their clients

An average person receives more than 105 emails in a day. The majority of those emails are ignored by the recipient as they are not engaging enough to warrant their attention. And constantly creating immersive and attention-grabbing emails for your customers can be financially taxing for you. You have to divert your attention and resources from the core operations to focus on marketing. In such scenarios, outsourcing your email marketing operation allows you to regain control over your finances and other important internal activities. Below, you will find everything you need to know about outsourcing your email campaigns to an email marketing agency.

Why consider outsourcing your email marketing tasks?

  • The accelerated rate of production

Hiring and training in-house email marketersIt can be expensive and time-consuming. Even then, there is a good chance that they might deliver sub-par results. On top of that, email marketing trainees might not give constructive feedback about complex email campaigns. 

Hiring an email marketing agency allows you to circumvent such problems. The email marketing agencies usually boast an experienced roster of email marketers and designers. They also have specialized teams that ensure seamless workflow, beginning from strategizing to delivery of the emails. Their proficiency in their work saves you precious man-hours, which you can utilize elsewhere to improve your business. 

  • Improved email deliverability

Before you start your email campaign, you need to run A/B testing to check which is the better email template. Your in-house email marketing team also needs to keep themselves updated about the constantly changing spam filter guidelines of different internet service providers. The different email clients have their own filtering policy that can greatly affect your email deliverability.

 On the other hand, great email deliverability is almost guaranteed when you outsource your emailing operations. This is because email marketing for agencies is not only limited to designing emails and managing strategies. They have dedicated teams that constantly check the updates that are being made to the different spam filters. Email marketing agencies also maintain a good reputation with various internet service providers to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of their emails. 

  • Reduced costs

Setting up a dedicated email marketing department does not come cheap. A fully functional in-house email marketing department requires strategy planners, designers, HTML coders, automation experts, etc. Database management of all your subscribers will cost you extra. You are also required to pay the employees of the department during the off-seasons. For a small business, bearing such costs might not be feasible.

Outsourcing your email marketing to another agency helps you reduce the above expenses. Email marketing agencies offer various packages. You can select the one that is most suitable for your business model. And during the off-season, you can simply pause or suspend your service to further reduce your costs. 

  • Skills and specialization

The skills of marketers in a well-established email marketing agency far outweigh that of amateur in-house email marketers. The email marketing agency can also suggest you adopt better email practices to drive in more customer engagement. An email marketing agency’s segmentation and personalization skills will also be far superior to those of your in-house team. 

Email marketing for agencies also includes simplifying the data collected from the campaigns. Email marketing agencies can help you grow your email subscribers list organically without triggering any spam filters.

What email operations should you outsource to email marketing agencies to improve your business model?

  • Planning and strategy

Planning how to position the brand image of your business is one of the important aspects of email marketing. Once you have decided on the voice of your brand, you can start creating a strategy around it. The email marketing agency can use their extensive experience to help you come up with a voice for your emails. 

While some brands prefer using a formal voice for their emails, others prefer a casual voice. dbrand lies on the extreme end of the casual voice spectrum. Their confirmation email for their newsletter is unlike any other email you will ever come across. Read it for yourself.

  • Creative Projects

During festive seasons, the online marketing competition can be cutthroat. In such times, you need creative emails to capture and retain the attention of your readers. 

EmailMonks, now known as Email Uplers, is an email marketing agency. They have embedded an entire game in their Halloween email. Such feats are not easy to achieve with in-house email marketing departments. By outsourcing your creative projects to an email marketing agency, you too can create such a one-of-a-kind email for your campaigns.


  • Market analysis

Market analysis is a crucial step in any marketing. The process entails compiling massive amounts of data from multiple sources and compiling it. This involves understanding your products and people are interacting with the said product on other social media platforms. This allows you to target your customers better based on location or action triggers. Outsourcing market analysis allows you to avoid the hassle of hiring an extra pair of hands to assist your in-house email marketing department.


Once you have decided on which operations you want to outsource, you will need to decide on an email marketing agency. You should select an email marketing agency that has been active for a long time. A legacy email marketing agency will have extensive experience which you can leverage to boost your ROI. If you want even better service, you should select an email marketing agency that has previous marketing experience with similar businesses. This will allow them to offer better insights to improve your email marketing campaign and customer experience. 

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