How Long Does it Take to Become a Blockchain Developer?

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.”

              • Marc Kenigsberg

So, Blockchain is not just related to Bitcoin (as whenever the term Blockchain appears, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin).

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a specific type of database which is a tamper-evident, shared digital ledger meant for recording transactions in a public or a private peer-to-peer network.

It differs from a classic database in the way it stores data, blockchain stores the data in blocks and chains it together.

When the new data arrives, it is entered into a new block; when the block is full, it is chained to the earlier filled block, forming a chain of blocks where the data is stored in a chronological(newest data first) order.

Blockchain can be used to store different types of data, but as we already know, it acts as a ledger for transactions. The blockchain is a single source of truth, and members in a blockchain can view the transactions that are meant for them only.

A career in Blockchain Development

According to the latest skill index, Blockchain expertise is the fastest-growing skill and is one of the hottest career options in the US job market. Due to its versatility, companies are looking for candidates with Blockchain training and skills to navigate this technology.

Many of the industries like banks, oil and gas, accounting firms, retail, insurance, finance, and more are hiring Blockchain developers. Many independent businesses and startups, tech firms, and government agencies are also looking for professionals with the right skills, training, and certification.

Do you wish to take Blockchain training and make a career in Blockchain development? Let us explore what a Blockchain developer is and how you can become one.

Who is a Blockchain Developer?

A developer who is responsible for developing and improving blockchain protocols, constructing blockchain system architecture, building smart contracts and web applications using blockchain technology is generally referred to as Blockchain Developer.

Simply put, a professional who is involved in blockchain technology development. So, as a blockchain developer, you need to create blockchain applications.

Types of Blockchain Developers

  1. Core Blockchain Developers – They are generally responsible for building the architecture of a blockchain system, the way its protocols are designed, creating the design of consensus protocol, and other high-priority decisions and development linked to blockchain technology.
  2. Blockchain Software Developers – They generally utilize the architecture and protocols designed by Core Blockchain Developers to develop decentralized applications that execute on Blockchain technology. Similar to the normal web developers who use the design and protocols designed by a web architect, a blockchain software developer develops decentralized applications or Dapps by leveraging Blockchain technology.

Their primary roles include:

  • Developing and controlling smart contracts
  • Developing interactive front-end design for Decentralized applications, or simply, Dapps
  • Developing backend according to the protocols of Blockchain
  • Supervising the entire stack executing their stacks.

Skills Required to Become a Blockchain Developer

Some of the technical skills required to become a Blockchain Developer are:

Understand Blockchain Architecture

You should have a strong understanding of blockchain, the way it works, and its architecture. You need to master concepts like cryptographic hash functions, distributed ledger technology, and consensus. Go through bitcoin Blockchain whitepaper to gain expertise, but it may seem tedious.

Data Structures

Sound knowledge of data structures is also required, as Blockchain uses plenty of data structures along with cryptography to develop a secure and immutable system. Some of the existing data structures that you are required to master are Patricia trees, Merkle trees, etc.


To become a successful Blockchain developer, knowledge of cryptography is an obvious requirement. Some of the cryptographic methods used in Blockchain are hash functions like SHA256 and KECCAK256.

Web Development

The core aspect of Blockchain development is web development. You must know the basic concepts of front-end and back-end development. When you begin your career as a Blockchain developer, you have to start designing decentralized applications. So, you should know how to develop interactive graphical user interfaces for Dapps, request handling, API handling, etc.

Smart Contract Development

Currently, every Blockchain is trying to incorporate smart contract functionality into its system such that it enables easy application of business logic on the Blockchain. So you need to learn network-specific languages such as Viper, Solidity, and Chaincode, etc.

Programming Languages

As a Blockchain Developer, you need to have basic knowledge of some of the popular programming languages like SQL, C++, Python, and JavaScript.

Take Blockchain Developer Courses

Now, this is one of the best ways to become a Blockchain Developer. To acquire marketable, relevant skills, the best option is to take a Blockchain Developer online training course.

How long does it take to become a Blockchain Developer?

Though the technology seems difficult to grasp, it is not so when you start learning. The learning goes easier by taking up an online training course from an accredited institute. Most of the training programs offer self-paced learning, and it all depends on how much time you take to learn the concepts of Blockchain development.

Typically, if you give 5 to 10 hours per week, the Blockchain training by Simplilearn will let you master the concepts in around 4 months.

The training goes in such a way that you become proficient in almost all the concepts of Blockchain and can easily get certification added to your resume.


Blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills found on the top recruiting websites such as LinkedIn,,, Glassdoor, and many more. The obvious reason for shifting into this career is the great compensation offered by corporate as well as tech giants.

Since Blockchain is no longer limited to financial firms and is under implementation in almost all the sectors such as healthcare, supply chain, logistics, cybersecurity, forecasting, digital identity, etc., you can choose it to move into any of the industries of your interest.

The simplest way to launch your career as a Blockchain Developer is to take up an online training course. Learn trouble-free by enrolling yourself in an accredited online training institute and get certified.

Enroll now!

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