How International Remittances Helping Pakistani Expats And Their Families?

Many Pakistanis around the world have high hopes invested in regular money remittances sent from abroad. Sending money to Pakistan to family or loved ones is a most anticipated moment to allows many to meet binding financial obligations.

Understanding this, ACE and Bank Alfalah have come together to support the hopes of millions of Overseas Pakistanis worldwide with fast, easy, and simple international money remittance services.

Remittances- Replenishing The Economy

Remittances not only help individuals but also contribute significantly to the economy of the receivers’ country. Pakistan relies heavily on foreign remittances, and the government considers overseas Pakistanis an asset of the nation.

ACE money transfer in mutual collaboration with Bank Alfalah gives value to Pakistan’s economic development by facilitating and supporting overseas Pakistanis remittance activities in regions like the UK, Europe, and Australia. With ACE, funds transfer has never been so convenient!

Moreover, ACE money transfer provides you with a convenient way of sending remittances to Pakistan in collaboration with Bank Alfalah. Usually, fund transfer services are laced with hidden charges, high transaction rates, and low exchange rates.

To mitigate complications and provide the best exchange rates to send money from the UK, USA, Canada, etc. and low transaction fees to Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer is one of the best service providers that also offer extra value to its customers by using the service.

The extra value offered is in the shape of an exclusive, limited-time-only chance to enter weekly draws with amazing prizes.

Can You Get An Offer of a Lifetime?

All those Overseas Pakistanis who send money to Pakistan using ACE and withdrawing the funds from any Bank Alfalah branch in Pakistan will become entrants that stand to win the following prizes:

  1. Gold-20 Tola (x3 Winners)
  2. Gold Biscuit – ACE Embossed 5 Tola – (x 6 Winners)
  3. iPhone 12 PRO – 128 GB – (x12 Winners)

There will be a total of 3 winners, who will get a chance to receive a beautiful grand prize of 20 tolas or 234 grams of gold. Additionally, there will be six winners who will get a chance to win five tolas or 58.5 grams of gold bars/ biscuits. Another total of 12 winners will qualify to win the sleek and trendy iPhone 12 PRO – 128 GB.

Hurry up! Make your first transaction with ACE and get a chance to win exciting prizes. All transactions recorded from March 24 to June 21 will be eligible for the ACE & Alfalah offer.

How to Maximize Chances Of Winning Something Extra?

In regions including the UK, Europe, and Australia, Overseas Pakistanis actively use the ACE money transfer to send money to Pakistan. This offer is aimed at these nation’s assets which provide much needed foreign remittances for economic development.

By maximizing the number of transactions conducted, Pakistanis, both the sender and the receiver, can increase their winning chances. So the number of transactions is directly related to winning any of the prizes.

Make the maximum transactions between March 24, 2021, & June 30, 2021, and enhance your chances of qualifying for the different exclusive offers.

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