How exactly® is paving the way with payment solutions for small businesses

With more people starting small businesses as a means of making extra income, exactly® has come at a time when easy credit card processing is vital. exactly® is a finance company that offers payment processing for all digital businesses. During the course of the pandemic, many businesses have made the move from having a physical space to selling online.

All businesses with an online retail space can benefit from the ease of using a system made specifically for e-commerce to make the merchant’s life easier. Who wouldn’t want to save hours installing countless payment systems for various currency and credit card processing?

What is an all-in-one payment system?

exactly®’s all-in-one payment system fulfills all of your needs in one place with payment processing and online banking on one individual platform. The payment system exactly® offers accepts over 100 different currencies along with VISA and MasterCard. It makes taking a credit card payment effortless for a fast and convenient checkout service.

The all-in-one payment platform is boosting e-commerce and allows a global reach for optimal growth in the most convenient way possible. An all-in-one payment system from exactly® is investing into your business and fulfilling its potential without the stress of having multiple payment systems and complicated platforms to manage.

What makes exactly®’s all-in-one system the best payment processing platform?

An all-in-one payment system means that small businesses won’t need to research how to accept certain types of payments or install multiple platforms for different currencies, it’s all at your fingertips on one platform. Everything is accessible on the easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard so you’re able to efficiently manage your finances from one platform. exactly®’s system is the best credit card processing system for quick and easy payments.

Safety is a top priority of exactly®’s all-in-one payment system

exactly® boasts an end-to-end security assurance so you can be sure all of your payments are safe. Not only can you let the system do all of the hard work for you, but the inbuilt machine learning and manual checks also prevent criminal and friendly fraud. Sensitive data is protected and travels through PCI-compliant pipelines so you can rest assured that all of your data is protected every step of the way.

How to start using exactly®’s payment system

Using exactly®’s payment system is easier than you might think, they take care of the hard work so you can focus on developing your business. After selecting a boutique package that suits your business needs, a dedicated manager takes care of integrating the platform with no hassle or fuss. The system will seamlessly work with all major CMS and exactly® has a technical team on hand to deal with the minor details so you don’t have to worry. You are given the choice between a hosted checkout page or an API-powered integrated page, whatever best suits our website and your business to make checkout as fast and convenient for you and your customer. Once integrated you’re able to make use of the in-depth analysis and easy-to-use dashboard for all your business financial needs.

With full localisation, intelligent payment routing, and a wide versatility in payment methods exactly® offers in their all-in-one payment system and merchant account, e-commerce couldn’t be easier.

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