How does a single herb enhance your food taste?

With this overhyped market of CBD for work-life balance and its rising popularity, beginners are confused about the taste of CBD. You might be confused to grab that bottle from the supplements shelf just because you aren’t certain about the taste. People give mixed reviews about its taste, while many are already used to it. 

But when we are talking about CBD, its numerous health benefits are far more important than its taste. Cannabidiol or CBD doesn’t taste so great on its own, but that also is not its primary job. Though CBD gummies are better in taste, people don’t consume them for their taste but for their benefit. 

In this article, we will impart some knowledge about its real taste and how you can enhance your food taste through it. We will address some common questions, but keep in mind that CBD and Cannabis are different. CBD is the main ingredient of the Cannabis plant that the manufacturers extract. 

The actual taste of CBD oil

You might be confused about whether the taste will be disgusting if different people have different taste buds. But people mostly describe its flavor as nutty, earthy, and grass-like, while some find its taste appealing. It’s not outright distasteful; you’ll love it if earthy flavors are your thing. The flavors vary a bit depending on the products and the brands and the extraction methods the manufacturers use. 

Though taste varies from person to person and you need to try it yourself to judge, it’s not something you ingest orally. You need to take it sublingually, i.e. under your tongue for best effects, and in that way, you won’t get much taste.  You can easily buy cannabis vape juice from a reputable online store like CBDfx to get the best quality products at a very reasonable price.

What affects the taste of CBD?

Many other things affect the taste of CBD other than the naturally found terpenes in them. 

  • Carrier oils are one of the biggest reasons behind the taste of your oil. When we consume anything only a part of it is absorbed by the body, this is called bioavailability. So, the higher the product’s bioavailability, the higher amount will be absorbed by the bloodstream effectively. Carrier oils increase the bioavailability of CBD cause it’s soluble in fat, & thus makes it easier for you to digest.  
  • Extraction and processing also play a role in the change of the original taste of the hemp. The more the processing happens, the more the hemp loses its original flavour and aroma. 

Types of CBD oils

There are different types and qualities of CBD oil and the best ones contain flavonoids and the pungent smell of terpenes. 

  • Full-spectrum raw CBD-CBDA: This quality is less heated and processed and thus you will experience a grass-like earthy smell and taste. It is darker in color than other products and even can have a cloudy texture.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil- It is a bit more processed than the previous one and contains terpenes too. It also possesses a full range of cannabinoids, so you will get the earth, grass-like bitter smell from here also.
  • Broad-spectrum- This is more processed and thus has no percentage of THC left, but a higher content of CBN or CBG is present. 

How to mask the taste?

You are anyway not going to understand much taste if you are taking it sublingually. But the little bit of taste you will get will make you familiar and used to CBD. If you are very cautious, you can try a single drop on your first day, and gradually increase it. Focus on the benefits rather than the taste. 

If you are still uncomfortable, yet want to stick for its benefits, try mixing it with your favorite drink or smoothie. You can also add it to your food like yogurt or peanut butter or grab a chewing gum/ eat a dessert after intaking hemp oil. 

How to enhance the taste of CBD?

There are other ways too if you don’t want to add flavors or add them to your food. 

  • Preferred carrier oil- Manufacturers generally use olive oil, MCT (fractionated coconut oil), hemp seed oil, or coconut oil in CBD. Pick what you prefer, many like MCT for its neutral flavor
  • High quality- Manufacturers that sell high-quality CBD make sure that they eliminate chlorophyll completely which gives a strong grass-like flavor. 

You can dare to try the original taste of CBD for its health benefits, or mix it with your drink or go for a flavored one. 

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