How Blockchain Affect the Future of Lead Generation Companies

Digital marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing exponentially. But with the proliferation of blockchain, we should be ready for significant changes. This will strongly affect the approaches and strategies of thousands of lead generation companies. Here’s what we can expect:

  • authentication and transparency
  • increased protection of personal data
  • changes in the cost of advertising
  • new opportunities for content delivery.

All these features should be taken into account to get leads and successfully develop your business. In this article, we will talk about what innovations digital marketing and lead companies will face in the nearest future.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is becoming more popular as cryptocurrency develops. Now it is used for storing personal data, identifying customers, and even in marketing.

This technology is a continuous chain of blocks that contain records of all transactions. Its advantage is that it is impossible to delete or change these blocks, only new ones can be added.

The blockchain is encrypted and kept on the devices of many independent users. Thus, if several computers fail, the information will still not be lost.

How Lead Companies Use Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Now let’s take a closer look at the upcoming innovation.

#1. Transparency in the Promotion Process

Since the blockchain stores the records of all previous operations, we are reaching a new level of data acquisition. Now potential clients will have a lot more information. Moreover, they will be able to get answers on how and when the product was produced, in what conditions it happened, whether the wages were fair, and more.

As more people care about the sustainability of the production process, this is what will change the overall approach to marketing. Now it will be as transparent as possible. It eliminates the possibility to embellish the product. Many of the best lead providers are already proactively changing their acquisition strategies. It’s time to share the most transparent and truthful information with potential clients.

#2. New Approaches For Marketing Lead Generation

Recently, the issue of personal data protection sounds acute. Many companies do something dishonest and sell databases of thousands of users’ contact information to third parties. Due to this, spam mailings or calls are activated. Many advertisers purposefully buy phones and email addresses of real people in order to conduct their campaigns.

This can be very annoying. But blockchain is an effective solution. The entire technology is based on verifying the signatures of users who enter the network. At the same time, users’ data remains on their devices. Previously it used to be stored on the servers of those applications through which users entered the network. Thus, the blockchain makes it almost impossible for third parties to obtain personal data.

When it comes to marketing, this means blockchain is changing the essence of lead generators. Soon we will have to forget about standard marketing campaigns because users will decide themselves what content they want to consume. This suggests that we have to look for alternatives for effective interaction with potential clients.

#3. Change in Advertising Costs

Since we have already said that blockchain will promote transparency of processes, it can be argued that advertising costs will decrease. Blockchain creates a reliable chain from the first dollar spent in marketing to the end-user that can be easily traced. Now we will be able to see absolutely all intermediaries in the advertising process their cost and thereby optimize the budget.

This will lead to the fact that lots of companies involved in advertising will simply cease to exist. On the other hand, some marketing lead generation providers will benefit from the optimization of their spendings. All in all, interesting and exciting changes await us.

#4 Target Audience Who Dictates the Rules

The internet is full of ads. It is so annoying that users install blockers. The problem is that along with unnecessary content, they may also miss out on great offers. However, some independent sources conducted research and the conclusion was amazing. About 80% of those who block ads confirmed that they would enjoy watching more personalized marketing content. This suggests that they are annoyed not by the advertisement itself, but by the incorrect approach.

This is where blockchain comes into play. Through chains that store interactions, companies can gain important data to personalize their ads. Blockchain will allow collecting and tracking information about the interests of potential customers in order to make marketing efforts more effective.

Blockchain browsers (like Brave) in partnership with Basic Attention Token (BAT) will enable users and advertisers to establish valuable relationships. This is how it can be achieved:

  • Advertisers buy the opportunity to promote ads using BAT while they create “ecological” interactions. Thus, showing this advertisement to those users who are most interested in it.
  • Users who agree to view ads are compensated. Thus, they themselves decide what content they will see. 

#5 Best Lead Providers Comes to Play

Along with transparent technologies, we should also expect smart contracts. They will allow you to exchange valuable data in a secure manner, excluding third parties. Thanks to blockchain technologies, smart contracts simplify conditions execution and ensure that both parties get the desired result. It cannot be revoked or changed. With blockchain tech, you can only create a new contract.

As a result, advertising will be of higher quality and more effective. If someone has signed a smart contract with you, they will no longer be able to refuse it and will be forced to comply with conditions. This means that we can expect the emergence of quality lead generators.

Smart contacts can also regulate payments. For example, the money will be transferred to the performer automatically after they fulfill the terms of the deal. This is especially true for those planning to partner with social media influencers to generate leads.

Final Words

We are on the verge of a revolution that blockchain technology is about to produce. It will affect many areas and will significantly influence digital marketing. We have to change our approaches and strategies to attract new leads, and even lower them down the sales funnel.

It is essential to adapt to changes in a timely manner so as not to be left behind. Therefore, we recommend contacting professionals in the field of marketing. Belkins is one of the lead companies that provides top-notch digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Easily adapt to the new conditions with seasoned pros.

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