Five Reasons Why Maintaining Good Oral Health and Hygiene Is Crucial

It may be difficult to imagine, but poor oral health can lead to several serious health issues for you and your family. These include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. And when you consider the high probability that these diseases are linked to bacteria in your mouth due to its proximity to your salivary glands, it’s easy to see why keeping up with good hygiene is so important. Here are five key reasons why maintaining good oral health is essential:

Overall Health Is Affected

Poor oral health or the inability to maintain a healthy smile can cause serious problems for you and your family. To maintain overall health, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums clean. And this is not just because it looks better; poor oral hygiene can seriously affect your health too. It can lead to gum disease, one of the most common types of oral infections. Aside from oral infections, many more serious diseases can cause bad oral health and hygiene. Like,

  • Bacterial Pneumonia
  • Heart Disease
  • Sepsis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Prevents Tooth Loss

For some people, their teeth symbolize their strength and beauty. But for others, it’s simply an indicator that teeth can be lost easily. With over 30% of people suffering from tooth loss at some point in their lives, maintaining good oral hygiene can help to prevent your teeth from becoming loose and fragile. Keeping your gums healthy will also help protect your teeth against decay, the most common cause of tooth decay. Your tooth is a precious part of your body, so always take the best care and rely only on professionals like Family Smiles Dental Group.

Helps Your Dentist

Those who take pride in their oral health and hygiene should also be aware of the benefit they can have on their dentist. When your gums are healthy, your teeth will be too. And this means you will be much easier to clean and keep in check. Also, with a regular check-up, your dentist can be sure of the quality and condition of your teeth, which should help keep you out of any problems that could arise.

Prevents Bad Breath

Many people aren’t aware that bad breath can be caused by poor oral health and hygiene, but it’s an issue that can appear at any time – even when you think you’ve got a super clean mouth. The main cause of bad breath is gum disease, which leads to inflammation of the gums.

Having a Whiter, Brighter Smile

From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s important to keep those pearly whites in top shape. And for this to be true, it’s also important to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. This will help you retain the natural whiteness that your teeth are made with and mean you have a brighter smile ready for when the next 45 million selfies need capturing.

Now that you’ve read about the importance of maintaining good oral health, it’s time to start thinking about how you can do this. First, keep up with your regular brushing and flossing routines, as these are the cornerstones of a healthy smile. And continue to visit your dentist regularly, so they can make sure the rest of your teeth are in order.

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