Famoid vs. Social Empire – Get More IG Followers

The success of an online business is measured by the number of followers it has. If you plan to promote your business on social media, then Instagram is a very good platform. However, there is a catch, getting followers on Instagram is by no means a piece of cake.

This is especially true if you are looking to accomplish this without spending any money on advertising or recommended growth methods. With so many users on the IG platform, it’s tough to compete when starting out from scratch.

The good news is, this article will compare two services, Famoid and Social Empire — while also letting you know which is best.

Let’s get started.

Growing followers, how important is it?

Followers are a very important magnitude on Instagram for business purposes. Social media influencers, celebrities, and public figures also need followers to promote themselves on social media. An Instagram account is more like a portfolio nowadays. This is why people are concerned about getting followers. For struggling businesses, growth in followers means better sales numbers.

Famoid is an easy way to earn followers.

Famoid is a very popular service to grow your followers count. You can select a package, pay for it and get what you paid for. Followers for Instagram are not the only thing that Famoid offers. However, it will be our focus in this article.

Famoid has several packages for all kinds of users on Instagram.


Famoid and Social Empire both services have a range of different packages for all kinds of users. It doesn’t matter if you are a new user who wants to gain followers for your account or a professional account holder who wants to promote their business.

Famoid has the following packages;

  1. 100 followers for 3.95 USD
  2. 250 followers for 5.95 USD
  3. 500 followers for 8.95 USD
  4. 1000 followers for 15.95 USD
  5. 2500 followers for 39.95 USD
  6. 5000 followers for 69.95 USD
  7. 10000 followers for 129.95 USD
  8. 15000 followers for 199.95 USD

As evident, even if you want followers to increase, your followers show off in front of your followers. Or, if you want followers for professional accounts and brands, Famoid has a package for everyone.

Social Empire has comparatively fewer packages;

  1. 500 followers for 8.49 USD
  2. 1000 followers for 14.49 USD
  3. 2500 followers for 26.49 USD
  4. 5000 followers for 46.49 USD
  5. 10000 followers for 84.49 USD

As you can see, Social Empire does cover users of all kinds. However, there are not enough packages to choose from compared with Famoid.


Famoid has a secure and reliable system of delivering followers. Once you have paid your amount, followers appear almost instantly. However, Social Empire takes a long time, and users have reported less reliability.

Delivery time

Social Empire is one of the faster Instagram follower sellers in the market. However, it takes a considerable amount of time when it comes to getting the full amount of followers. Social Empire mentions that the total delivery time can take from a couple of days to 6 days or a week. This period can also take longer than the advertised time in actual practice.

Famoid doesn’t advertise any period on their website for the delivery of the followers. However, in our experience, we have observed that followers almost appear instantly. It doesn’t take a lot of time, sometimes not even a couple of hours, to get the full amount of followers you have paid for. Hence, we it comes to getting followers in less time, Famoid is far ahead of Social Empire.

AI-based followers

Famoid claims that their followers are based on algorithms and artificial intelligence. Hence, it is very less likely for Instagram to detect these followers. Instagram treats the follower account as actual people. That is why your account is secure. This is another reason why Famoid doesn’t take much time to transfer followers. With Social Empire, most following accounts are bots. If Social Empire instantly adds followers, Instagram’s security patterns will detect unusual activity and your account is very likely to get banned.


If you are looking to increase your followers, a fast option is to buy them. For readers who are confused between Famoid and Social Empire, based on our detailed and explanatory review, we would suggest you go with Famoid because of its reliable services and a more secure platform.

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