Engaging Flyers Might Just Be Your Key To Success – Here’s Why

Businesses live and die by their marketing. Marketing comes in many shapes and forms for a company. It is the very thing that is present in all stages of any business — from the start to the end. It is defined as anything a company does that attracts consumers to its product or services. At the end of it all, your marketing cost should drive the desired profits for your company.

One marketing tool that is much valued by businesses throughout history is the humble flyer. This is the big reason why an online flyer maker like Venngage is getting so much attention nowadays. Basically, apps like these allow creators to make beautiful, engaging, and professional-looking flyers in minutes. It lets you choose from hundreds of ready-made templates, icons, fonts, etc. It does the job, and it does it very well.

You might be tempted to think that flyers are an old-school marketing tool. While it is true that business flyers are one of the earliest forms of advertising, their use has even gone up today. Surprising right? Considering the fact that the early forms of advertising have taken a back seat in today’s fast-paced and online heavy world. 

I mean, think about it. Billboards used to be the king of advertisements. Nowadays, the effectiveness statistics of putting up billboards have continuously dipped.  The same goes for those very expensive television commercials and radio ads. The rise of streaming services like Netflix and Spotify has cast a huge shadow on these early forms of advertising.

As for flyers? Its popularity is even rising. Companies are even making more flyers than ever before. So the question remains; Why are flyers still so popular? Why is it still part of a business’s key to success?

Let us find out why!


Flyers are the ninjas of advertising

That headline might sound a bit funny, but that does not make it less true. One great attribute of the humble flyer is how easily accessible it is to customers. Its small and customizable size allows you to easily and even personally hand it to your target market. And this is the big reason why it is still so effective in today’s consumer landscape.

Think about it, the internet juggernaut has given rise to things like social media and online shopping retailers. As time goes on, people would rather stay inside their houses because they can do their socialization, shopping, and entertainment there. You may not like that notion, but that is the trend the world is going. And it’s only going to trend upward that way for the foreseeable future. 

This is the reason why the almighty billboard is a declining form of advertising. Because people go out less and less. The same goes for traditional commercials. They now have to share attention space with Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go, Tiktok, etc. It only gets worse as technology gets better and better.

Flyers are a different story, it keeps finding a way to find itself in consumers’ hands. Its compact size allows it to be slipped under doors, in your mailbox, or in your newspapers. It can be handed to you on the sidewalk while you are walking your dog or given to your apartment’s doorman for distribution. 

A flyer is inescapable!


Flyers have found their way online

Think your target market is safe from flyers when they go online? Think again– because business flyers are all over the internet!

If you want to post an ad on social media, the best way is to create a digital flyer. The same thing goes for email blasts, newsletters, and website posts. Those all are more effective if you use a digital flyer.

An online flyer maker has made it easier for businesses to churn those babies out. While traditional flyers had to undergo a designing/copywriting plus a printing process (which takes time.) With a flyer maker, you can make layouts in a matter of minutes. 

This is a big reason why more and more marketers are investing in this. 

These marketing tools are also getting more advanced techniques like animation to make it more engaging to the target market. As the online world gets bigger and bigger, so too will flyers.  


Low Cost and Effective

Successful marketing relies on profit covering its cost. You can only deem a marketing campaign as successful if the cost of it is covered by how much sales it generated. Historically, flyers have proven their worth by being relatively cheaper and garnering fantastic results.

As per statistics, there is no denying that flyers are still an effective marketing tool. Here are some of the numbers:

Mailbox flyers

  • A whopping 57% of recipients open flyers when they arrived
  • 8% opened it within 30 days
  • 5% read or at least gave it a look. While 23% did that within 30 days
  • These flyers are revisited on an average six times

Door drops

  • 5% read these when it arrived through their door
  • 16% put it aside but looked at it later

Those stats should be able to tell you how effective it is to still invest in a flyer.


Flyers are still fly

There is no denying it, business flyers are still important with today’s marketing landscape. The trend is very clear — it is here to stay as time and technology march on.

Who knew that the humble flyer’s power remains strong to this day? Well, what are you waiting for? Start making these now!

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