Cloud Mining Makes It Easy To Mine Cryptocurrency Online

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the ways to get cryptocurrencies without using the crypto trading or crypto exchange services. Some use it to diversify and/or upgrade their investment portfolio, some people want to try something new and trendy, while others make money on mining cryptocurrency. Solo mining (mining alone, as an individual miner) turns out to be a very costly endeavor and oftentimes the expenses exceed return on investment (ROI). In case of Bitcoin mining, one may pool their mining hashrate with other users and farm via a mining base. Nonetheless, BTC cloud mining prevails in the crypto world and attracts Bitcoin mining enthusiasts by its ease of access, low investment entry and exit thresholds and eases up the financial burden associated with the purchase and maintenance of mining rigs. The following article highlights major benefits of Bitcoin mining via a cloud mining service Hashing24.

To optimize the crypto mining process, crypto miners started outsourcing the transactions authentication process to lessen the heavy financial burden. And this is where cloud crypto mining computing comes into play. Cloud mining is the rental of mining equipment hash power utilizing a remote data center(s) (mining farm cryptoplace facilities) with shared processing computing power. Cloud mining prevents a cryptominer from investment in the powerful ASIC mining rigs, rather the cryptominer can rent the miningbase hardware from cloudbase third parties and mine via the clouds online. All in all, there are 3 generally recognized types of cloud based mining:

  • Hosted Mining
  • Rental of Computing Hash Power
  • Lease of Virtual Private Server

Cloud based mining is majorly beneficial for those cryptominer addicts who do not want to rack their brain in the technical part of mining cryptocurrencies yet earn on crypto investment with cloudmine services. Case in points, to get into Bitcoin mining via the clouds, one needs to lease cryptocurrency mining hashrate capacities by means of purchasing a contract for cryptocurrency mining. The Hashing 24 company provides turn-key renting solutions for non-stop online farming of Bitcoins. The user workflow for a regular cryptominer is as follows: the person is required to register an account with the website, select the contract duration and hashpower in the corresponding Prices cryptotab, make an online payment in Bitcoin (or any other supported cryptocurrency) or fiat currencies (USD or EUR) and start farming Bitcoin on the cloud.

Market Proposition of Hashing24

  • Flawless 10+ year reputation on Bitcoin mining market.
  • Official partner of Bitcoin mining giant Bitfury, which acts as the main supplier of Bitcoinminer hash rate capacities.
  • Only new Bitcoins are minted with the Bitfury cryptoplace.
  • Trading Room to trade (buy and sell) Bitcoin mining contracts as orders.
  • Cryptocurrency mining farming facilities are based in Norway, Iceland, Georgia and Canada.
  • Free Demo mining and Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator.
  • Intuitive website navigation and multilingual website optimization.

Hashing24 has been into crypto online farming since 2012 and strengthened its company brand recognition ever since. The company acts as the one and only reseller of Bitfury’s Bitcoinminer farming capacities and lets all cryptominer addicts to use BTC hashrate produced enterprise-grade mining data centers. The Hashing24 website offers the following tariff plans (contract duration): 12, 18 and 24 months plans. The minimum BTC hashrate volume available for purchasing is 0.1 TH per second and the starting price equals nearly $8. The maximum volume a platform user can buy is 1000 TH/s, but the number of contracts for mining Bitcoins is not limited.

For those people who hesitate whether cloud based mining of Bitcoins is suitable or not, the website offers toll-free Demo Mining. No initial investment on the user’s side is required and the number of active Demo mining contracts is unlimited. Each newly activated Demo mining contract is valid throughout twenty eight calendar days and allows ordinary people to get to know with cloud based online BTC mining. The user has an excellent opportunity to test cloud mining in Demo mode and get virtual coins to their user account. Besides, for informative purposes, each website visitor can use a useful tool called Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator (under the cryptotab Calculator). This online instrument helps project the future Bitcoin mining earnings or losses, decide on the amount of possible investment and thus envision long term or short term return on investment associated with cloud mining.

The core advantage of innovative BTC cloud mining services rendered by Hashing24 is that users can trade BTC mining contracts as orders on the Trade Desk. The following feature combines the functionality of a trading engine (exchange trading) and crypto mining. The trading interface contains market depth charts and graphs, statistics section and deals history. It is a perfect chance for many new traders to test and perfect their trading strategies, speculate on price swings with each market correction, hodl their assets, etc.

To put it in a nutshell, cloud based mining makes it much easier, affordable and cheaper to mine the new currency (be it BTC or any other coin) with reduced liability. However, it is recommended to carry out your own research on the crypto mining service provider in order to avoid scam projects. Always make sure that the company has a reputation, is trustworthy and its brand name is recognized worldwide.

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