Clean Planet Energy launches brand new eco-comic

With Earth Day fast approaching on April 22nd 2021, a new eco-loving comic is hitting the shelves and the internet. HAPSIE, a brand new creation from Clean Planet Energy, is aimed at children and big kids alike. Focused on saving the planet and reducing the destruction of the environment, HAPSIE is set to introduce a range of exciting, adventurous and educational characters.

With a free daily comic available online and in print, plus a bumper hardback version available to buy every six months, kids of all ages will adore the HAPSIE bunch.

So, who are they?

Cunning Carly

An exciting and sneaky character with a heart of gold, Carly is a little trickster who encourages kids to be better with her fun plans and distractions.

Upcycle Michael

Focused on maximising the life span of everything he uses, Michael is an educational character teaching children to convert their old items into having a new use rather than throwing them away.

Ellie Ment

Conjuring up various elements to save the day, Ellie Ment is the resident science whizz, providing an educational spin for kids.

Stefon Back

A history-loving boy, Stefon Back has the incredible power to take a step back in time, proving to be a gateway to a variety of intoxicating escapades.

Greedy Greg

Often proving to be the butt of the joke, Greedy Greg is the only adult amongst the bunch. A businessman who loves money and power more than he cares about the earth, Greg will regularly get his comeuppance from the eco-kids!

Adah Action

The doer in the gang, Adah loves to spring into action to save the planet and help his friends.

Ignorant Ike

Sadly disrespectful to the planet, Ike often gets taught a lesson in response to her misdeeds.

Who is Clean Planet Energy?

The creators behind the HAPSIE comic, Clean Planet Energy is an energy company with an ethical ethos. Focused on sustainability and restoring a healthy, functioning planet, they believe that “everyone deserves better.”

The creation of the HAPSIE comic is the latest step to unite eco-warriors of all ages in a noble crusade to revolutionise the way people treat the planet. With a vision of clean oceans and clean air, Clean Planet Energy turns non-recyclable waste plastic into ultra-clean fuel, simultaneously providing non-polluting energy and cleaning up the oceans at the same time!

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