Choosing the right LMS Platform

Ever since the COVID-19 virus took over the world and the pandemic began, the pace of the world has come to a halt. Even today, when most of the countries have gone back to their normal self, there are still countries and institutions that suffer due to the pandemic. One of the spheres that got hit the worst by the pandemic is the education system. When it began, the world had little idea of how to deal with the crisis in the education system. 

However, to save the day, some software companies highlighted a system that had been existing for a long time, but never got in the spotlight. Learning Management Systems. 

Shortly after the world closed down, the education system began to crumble and what saved the day was none other than the LMS. Every company, every organization, every institution adopted the method of online learning and adapted to it pretty quickly. These online learning management systems are quite different from the traditional way of learning but offer various other perks. 

The surge in the need for LMS gave rise to much new software and LMS and soon the market was flooded with the new technological advancement in the field of education. However, with the availability of so many LMS and their varying capabilities, the question was which LMS would be the best suited LMS for you if you are running an organization. Which LMS would give you full control over your e-learning content and help you evaluate your employees and students with full accuracy. 

Let us see some of the leading learning management systems that are used extensively in today’s world and compare the features they offer with their pricing.

  • Thinkific: Thinkific is quite a handy LMS when it comes to e-learning. This software delivers a wide range of features to its users. Not all the features are useful for everyone, yet one would never feel the need to compromise once they acquire Thinkific for their e-learning process. While the features are well distributed for members who pay for specific categories, Thinkific pricing models are quite accommodating. It is something that doesn’t let you complain. The features it offers for its prices are well justified. Some of the features offered by the free version of Thinkific are:
  • Easy drag and drop Course Builder
  • Full e-commerce
  • Website templates that are quite easy to use
  • Email and phone support

  • Litmos: SAP Litmos is one of the most popular LMS platforms in the world in 2021. This platform accommodates a myriad of features that are absolutely helpful for the people who subscribe to Litmos for their e-learning needs. At a very reasonable and affordable price, this LMS offers a feature-packed punch. The features of this LMS include:
  • Fast user onboarding
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Always ready to use content
  • Ready-made, interactive content
  • Video-based learning
  • Quizzes and grade card

  • Google Classrooms: Coming from the biggest tech giant in the world, Google classroom is bound to be present on every list naming the best LMS to use in 2021. This software delivers an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface to its users. The goal is to make learning and teaching as easy as possible. Educators can manage, measure, and enhance learning experiences by using the easy-to-use and secure tool created for them.

  • Moodle: Moodle is yet another great e-learning tool and is considered one of the best Learning management systems in the world. This LMS is easy to operate and supports features such as insights, visibility and gives the user full control over the content. Moodle is the optimum choice for enhancing the student learning experience. As Moodle is an open-source learning platform, you can teach a large number of students at once using this LMS.


Conclusion: As mentioned, not all LMS platforms are perfect for everyone in the market. If you see the need to opt for LMS for the e-learning process, you need to look for all the mainstream LMS available that offer the features that you seek. Once you have shortlisted the LMS that offers your desired features, you need to compare the pricing and choose the best for yourself.

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