Choosing Storage VPS? Save up your research time

Doing your research on virtual storage servers? If you’re after an affordable option, tech communities recognized Time4VPS hosts seem to be an example worth looking into. We’ve asked hosts to name essential criteria one should seek in a storage plan. Get to know 5 main points to pay your attention to.

1) Perfect DC location

Now, though-out location definitely has its’ perks – from instant accessibility to the smooth communication subtleties. It’s wise to seek a service provider and a certified DC owner at the same time. For example, by choosing Time4VPS storage VPS, you can be sure to get a firsthand service. Enjoy maximum data security, an uninterruptible power supply, and one of the best prices in the market.

2) Easy plans’ upgrade

Working with big data, you most probably know that it’s a very dynamic thing. One day bandwidth seems perfect; the other one, it might need a significant upscale. Time4VPS experts advise looking for easy upgrading conditions. By the way, their plans are upscaled easily with no downtime or reboots.

3) Helpful tools and extra perks

Even though it’s a virtual storage environment, you want easy management. Market experts say it’s wise to search for helpful management tools and extra perks. Great example – Time4VPS offers those for free:

  • Hostname management
  • Emergency access console
  • DNS manager
  • Chosen OS installation
  • Server reboot

Yes, you’ve read it right – you can enjoy easy storage space management without a lot of extra effort and expenses.

4) Management freedom

Talking of easy management, market professionals offer full root access. Meaning that a cheap storage plan provides a possibility to craft your preferred virtual environment. Install practical applications and add-ons, whatever you might need to work more efficiently.

5) OpenVZ-based virtualization

Finally, take time to find hosts that provide OpenVZ-based virtualization. Why it’s so important? Time4VPS team stresses the guarantee of secure and isolated containers. You can also easily upgrade or downgrade the package on the spot and craft a resource-efficient environment.

Need 0,5, 4, or even 8 TB data storage? Seems like there is a chance to manage big data virtual space in a highly professional but at the same time user-friendly way!

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