Best Times to Shop in Waterstones

Gateways to fantasy, to feel-good tales, or paths to self-expansion, books present you with a most engaging means of losing yourself between golden pages and growing your collection of eruditions.

If you allow yourself to be carried on the paper wings of a good read every now and then or are otherwise an avid reader who cannot put that novel down until it is devoured whole, you will find peace between the shelves of a good library.

This is why we have put together the best times to shop in three Waterstones locations with the help of shop information experts Opening Times, to give you an overview of when you can allow yourself a slow stroll to take in every cover title, and leaf through whichever books catch your eye.

If you read on, you will find the best times to shop in Waterstones, as well as their opening times and whether there are any Covid regulations still in place in your favourite bookshop. This way, you can plan out your trip to Waterstones’ world of magic, and perhaps also make time for a tea to go with your new favourite read.

What are the best times to shop in Waterstones?

If the reading bug got you when England left its lockdown, you will be planning some day trips to your local bookshop if you have not already. Perhaps you will even venture into visiting some of the country’s outstanding bookshops, amongst which is Waterstones Piccadilly in London.

With this in mind, we have selected three key Waterstones bookstores to give you the best times to shop in them. We have done this using Google data, so that you can avoid the peak hours and take your time browsing, kick back with a book in the café, and enjoy your day.

Let’s dive in, and find out what the best times to shop in Waterstones are. Please also keep in mind that different store locations will have distinct opening times which might not be the same as these ones, so always make sure to check in with your local store before going.

Waterstones Piccadilly in London

The country’s pride when it comes to endless bookshelves beautifully laid out for your explorations into the world of literature, Waterstones Piccadilly in London is the 5th biggest bookshop in the world. This Waterstones shop will make for the best day out, especially given it is the most impressive store in the country, with two cafés, a bar, and various exciting events.

The shop is usually not too busy throughout the day during weekdays, which makes a day trip out very convenient. The very best times to visit Waterstones Piccadilly are before 12pm and after 6pm from Monday to Friday, but a midday trip will not be too busy either.

Saturdays are the shop’s busiest days, with it getting as busy as it can be between 12pm and 6pm, while the rest of the day it remains busy. However, Sundays are only moderately busy between 1pm and 4pm, while the rest of the day you will find it a fairly quiet shop ready to take you on a literary adventure.

Waterstones in Bristol

Greeting you from the soul of the Clifton Village community, and from a unique cultural hub of England, the Waterstones in Bristol is part of a beautiful historical building that adds some more magic to the world of fiction it holds.

The best times to shop in Waterstones are, to the delight of all bookworms around, anytime during weekdays, as from Monday to Friday it does not get too busy at all.

However, Saturdays are the shop’s busiest days, with peak times between 12pm and 4pm, and fairly busy hours throughout the day. Nevertheless, if you want to plan a day in the bookshop and can only go during the weekend, Sundays are not too busy throughout the day, being the best time to go.

Waterstones The Arcade in Sheffield

A gorgeous store that features character and history, Waterstones The Arcade in the ‘Steel City’ will draw you into its shop and have you browsing for hours owing to its great collections of literature and poetry alike.

If you plan on going to the bookshop during the week, the best times to shop in Waterstones are any hours from Monday to Friday, when it is not busy at all.

As with all shops, Saturday is the busiest day in the week, with peak hours between 11am and 5pm that make it difficult to get around. Therefore, any time before 11am and after 5pm will be slightly better, although the store will remain a popular destination for many. On Sundays the shop also gets a little busy between 12pm and 2pm, but you will find it is fairly quiet outside those hours.

What are the Opening Times in Waterstones?

Whether you are not that bothered by the crowds or wish to avoid them at all costs (even if that means waking up early), you will want to know the extensive opening times for Waterstones in order to avoid disappointment when you find yourself in front of closed doors.

With the help of shop experts at Opening Times, we bring you Waterstones’ usual opening hours for the shops we selected. You will find that they are similar for other locations, but please make sure to consult your local store’s opening times before taking off for an early trip or late stroll to Waterstones.

Waterstones Piccadilly in London

The Waterstones Piccadilly in London is normally open from 9am to 8pm for most of the week, between Monday and Saturday, remaining open on Sundays, when the opening times are between 12am and 6pm.

Waterstones in Bristol

In Bristol, Waterstones is typically open between 9:30am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday, and also remains open on Sunday between 10am and 5pm.

Waterstones Meadowhall in Sheffield

Waterstones Meadowhall in Sheffield is usually open from 10am to 9pm Monday to Friday but has different opening times for the weekend. On Saturday, it is open from 9am to 8pm, while on Sunday it opens at 10am and closes at 9pm.

Are there Covid Safety Measures in Place at Waterstones?

Ever since the lockdown ended, book lovers have made their way to their favourite bookshops to catch up on some well-deserved reading missed at home, which also offered them the chance to sit down with a good book, work on their laptops, and enjoy a hot beverage in bookshop cafés.

If you want to do this but are anxious about COVID-19, you can relax knowing that there are a number of Covid safety measures in place at Waterstones. They are designed to keep you safe while you shop at your local Waterstones or do some literary tourism to places like Waterstones Piccadilly, and include:

Face Masks and Hand Sanitisers

Waterstones bookshops around the country require you to wear a face mask within the store, unless you are exempt, a child under eleven, or present an outstanding case that makes it difficult for you to wear one. Moreover, they encourage using hand sanitisers and provide hygiene stations around their stores.

Safety Signage and Limiting Customer Numbers

There is safety signage in place within Waterstones shops to ensure a steady flow and sufficient space between individuals, while they also limit customer numbers allowed into the store at a time.

Entrances and Hand Sanitising

Store entrances are monitored by staff to ensure queuing and limit customer numbers, while they also feature hygiene stations ready for you to sanitise your hands on entrance.

Social Distancing, Furniture and Layout

Waterstones shops have been reviewed to make sure there is enough space for you, other customers, and staff, by moving furniture and changing the store layout so that social distancing can be maintained.

Tills and Queue Management

Sneeze screens and floor vinyls have been installed at tills to direct you to the queue and make sure you can socially distance while waiting for your turn to check out safely at the till.

Now that know Waterstones’ opening times, Covid safety measures and the best times to visit their bookshops right now, we hope that we could provide you with all the information you need to plan out a lovely trip to the shop, and perhaps grab a coffee while you are there as well. Please remember to always check with your local store for individual opening times, as well as facilities such as cafés or bars on site.

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