Best Credit Cards for Online Gambling?

Despite the release of various gambling payment methods, credit card casino UK have maintained their popularity and have still reputed to be the best options for depositing. Historically, these payment solutions have existed since 1966 and have already been used as solutions for online casinos and sportsbooks. If you take a look at credit card casino sites via, you’ll see a big variety of sites accepting this payment method.


Nevertheless, with the advancement in digital payment technology, new and innovative credit cards have launched enhancing the players’ transactions. Some of them have become so recognizable and can provide the best gambling experience expected by the gamblers. Although the use of credit cards is forbidden in the UK gambling industry since 14 April 2020, here are the best credit cards that non-UK based players should consider.


Among the world’s biggest online payment systems, PayPal has become the most used gambling payment solution. This leader payment option in the digital wallet has existed since 1998 and has consistently dominated the e-commerce market. This e-wallet company offers two types of credit cards; PayPal Cashback Mastercard and PayPal Extras Mastercard. 


Both are worth being used because not only do they come with no annual fee but they can also offer some interesting rewards. Concerning the PayPal Cashback Mastercard, this card can be a decent option for online gambling deposits and withdrawals as it offers a quicker cashout within just a few hours. As for PayPal Extras Mastercard, the bettors can also opt for this card since it can give a lot of advantages as well as some serious rewards.


Monzo has offered a prepaid debit card for UK-based customers which can also be used as a payment system in the gambling industry. Monzo is, actually, an online bank based in the United Kingdom created by some British Entrepreneurs in 2015. Previously Mondo, this app-based challenger bank is recognizable among the gamblers thanks to its attractive services and products. 


Since Monzo entered the UK market, this online bank originally operated as a prepaid debit card and a mobile app. When you make a payment with this card, you will get notifications instantly on your mobile phones enabling you to view your transaction’s history. Today, the company has expanded in the US and promised to distribute seductive debit cards to customers located in the US major cities.


Aqua was founded in 2002 with the goal to help people who may have been disregarded by other credit card firms. This card is owned by NewDay, one of the greatest providers of consumer finance in the UK. Aqua provides two types of credit cards; Aqua Classic and Aqua Advance. Concerning the Aqua Classic, this credit card offers an opportunity to the users to build credit. 


This option is suitable for customers with poor credit and who are looking to increase their credit score. As far as Aqua Advance is concerned, this solution comes with a lower credit card interest rate. The users will also have the chance to win bonuses and interesting extras like no fee-spending when abroad.

Capital One

Capital One is issued by the American Capital One Financial Corporation, one of the largest banks in the United States. Since this financial institution has focused on technology in banking, the Capital One card is evidence of its proficiency. One of the firm’s three divisions is credit card and today, Capital One also supplies its services in the United Kingdom and Canada. 


This credit card is as lucrative as attractive since the users will benefit from an annual fee of $0 as well as free foreign transactions. This card is also suitable for gamblers as it promotes responsible gambling and provides standout features to increase their chance of earning a higher credit after making a deposit or transferring funds. Actually, after the clients make payments on time in six months, they will be rewarded by Capital One.


Santander is one of the biggest banking groups in Europe that offers four main types of credit cards. In the UK, the company is a fusion of three former great companies such as Bradford & Bingley, Alliance & Leicester, and Abbey National. Santander’s credit cards are designed to suit a different set of customers’ needs. 


All offer a sizable span of 0% interest on customers’ purchases and no transaction fees when they are abroad. As stated above, Santander provides four types of credit cards including All in One, Zero, World Elite, and Everyday. All in One is a reward credit card offering 0.5% cashback on purchases and 0% interest. 


Zero is an overseas credit card created for travellers which offer no fees for overseas transactions. As for World Elite, this premium credit card only charges £15 per month. And concerning every day, this purchase credit card offers also 0% of interest on any purchases.


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