A Fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Machine


Flexo printing applies heat and pressure onto a surface to create a pattern or image. This article discusses how the fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine helps companies increase their output.

What is a slotter machine?

A slotter machine is a machine that prints flexo on a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic, and cloth. It is a fully automatic machine that uses cutting blades to cut the material to the correct size and shape. 

The machine moves the material to the printing area and applies pressure with rollers to print the image.

A slotter machine is machinery used for cutting or punching holes in a variety of materials by using a rotary motion. Using a slotter machine includes precise cuts, fast production rates and less waste. 

Slotter Machine Basics

A slotter machine is an automated printing machine that cuts a precise, continuous groove into a flexible material such as paper. This type of machine is perfect for creating custom labels and packaging. Slotter machines are also famous for creating flexo prints on demand.

The essential components of a slotter machine are:

  1. The feeder system allows the material to be fed into the machine in a continuous stream.
  1. The cutting head – Cuts the groove into the material.
  1. The guide wheel – Guides the material along the cutting head, ensuring accurate cuts every time.
  1. The die Holds the printed material after being cut and allows it to be transferred to the next production stage.

Benefits of a Slotter Machine

A slotter machine is an excellent investment for businesses that regularly print large quantities of flexo prints. 

– Reduced labor costs. You can save on salary costs by replacing human workers with a slotter machine. This is especially true regarding less skilled positions, such as operators and assemblers. 

– Increased production rates. A slotter machine can do the same job in less time than a human worker. Your business can reach its production goals much faster and with fewer errors. 

– Reduced waste. Slotting machines reduce the amount of wasted material by cutting out the need for manual cutting and trimming. 

How to get started with a slotter machine

When you first get your flexo printer, the most daunting task may be figuring out how to use the slotter machine. This machine is essential for making precise, repeatable prints. a slotter machine and give you some tips on using it to get the most out of your flexo printing. 

You first need to gather your materials to get started with a slotter machine. You’ll need a copy of the manual for your machine, as well as some copies of your print jobs. 


If you’re looking for a fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine that can handle any printing job, look no further than the Slot-It SL-830. 

This machine has all the features you’ll need to get your jobs done quickly and easily, including a built-in cutter and deburring. Plus, it comes with a wide range of software options so that you can customize your workflows to meet specific needs.

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